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Herpetological survey of the proposed bambama-zanaga mine site, department of lékoumou, republic of Congo
Zassi-Boulou A.-G., Zimkus B.M., Goma-Tchimbakala J., Boudzoumou S., Mboungou-Louiki A., Jackson K.
Highly seasonal climate and reproductive phenology in the mayombe forest: Contribution of historical data from the luki reserve in the democratic republic of congo [Une forte saisonnalité du climat et de la phénologie reproductive dans la forêt du mayombe: L’apport des données historiques de la réserve de luki en république démocratique du congo] [Fuerte estacionalidad del clima y de la fenología reproductiva en el bosque de mayombe: Aporte de datos históricos de la reserva de luki en la república democrática del congo]
Ilondea B.A., Beeckman H., Ouédraogo D.-Y., Bourland N., De Mil T., Van Den Bulcke J., Van Acker J., Couralet C., Ewango C., Hubau W., Toirambe B., Doucet J.-L., Fayolle A.
How effective are the protected areas of East Africa?
Riggio J., Jacobson A.P., Hijmans R.J., Caro T.
Intact but empty forests? Patterns of huntinginduced mammal defaunation in the tropics
Benítez-López A., Santini L., Schipper A.M., Busana M., Huijbregts M.A.J.
Inter-group aggressive interaction patterns indicate male mate defense and female cooperation across bonobo groups at Wamba, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tokuyama N., Sakamaki T., Furuichi T.
Interpreting long-term trends in bushmeat harvest in southeast Cameroon
Ávila E., Tagg N., Willie J., Mbohli D., Farfán M.Á., Vargas J.M., Bonat W.H., Dupain J., Epanda M.A., Luyten I., Tedonzong L., Peeters M., Fa J.E.
L-Band UAVSAR tomographic imaging in dense forests: Gabon forests
El Moussawi I., Tong Minh D.H., Baghdadi N., Abdallah C., Jomaah J., Strauss O., Lavalle M.
Lactifluus bicapillus (Russulales, Russulaceae), a new species from the Guineo-Congolian rainforest
De Crop E., Lescroart J., Njouonkou A.-L., De Lange R., Van de Putte K., Verbeken A.
Land-cover change threatens tropical forests and biodiversity in the Littoral Region, Cameroon
Mahmoud M.I., Campbell M.J., Sloan S., Alamgir M., Laurance W.F.
Linking local people's perception of wildlife and conservation to livelihood and poaching alleviation: A case study of the Dja biosphere reserve, Cameroon
Epanda M.A., Mukam Fotsing A.J., Bacha T., Frynta D., Lens L., Tchouamo I.R., Jef D.
Long-term inference of population size and habitat use in a socially dynamic population of wild western lowland gorillas
Hagemann L., Arandjelovic M., Robbins M.M., Deschner T., Lewis M., Froese G., Boesch C., Vigilant L.
Low-intensity logging and hunting have long-term effects on seed dispersal but not fecundity in Afrotropical forests
Nuñez C.L., Clark J.S., Clark C.J., Poulsen J.R.
Mapping gastrointestinal gene expression patterns in wild primates and humans via fecal RNA-seq
Sharma A.K., Paf?o B., Vl?ková K., ?ervená B., Kreisinger J., Davison S., Beeri K., Fuh T., Leigh S.R., Burns M.B., Blekhman R., Petrželková K.J., Gomez A.
Micronutrients may influence the efficacy of ectomycorrhizas to support tree seedlings in a lowland African rain forest
Newbery D.M., Neba G.A.
Moving beyond the illusion of participation in the governance of Yangambi Biosphere Reserve (Tshopo Province, Democratic Republic of Congo
Koy J.K., Ngonga A.M.M., Wardell D.A.
New Observations of Meat Eating and Sharing in Wild Bonobos (Pan paniscus) at Iyema, Lomako Forest Reserve, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Wakefield M.L., Hickmott A.J., Brand C.M., Takaoka I.Y., Meador L.M., Waller M.T., White F.J.
New taxa of oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) from the Korup National Park, Cameroon. The genus Malaconothrus berlese 1904 (Malaconothridae)
Ermilov S.G., Starý J.
Notes on some afrotropical crambinae (lepidoptera pyraloidea), chiefly collected in the ivindo national park in Gabon, with descriptions of new species
Bassi G.
Observations on regeneration of the keystone plant species Hagenia abyssinica in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Kayitete L., van der Hoek Y., Nyirambangutse B., Derhé M.A.
Occurrence patterns of African manatees, conflicts with humans, and local perception in the Southern Korup Area, Cameroon
Mayaka T.B., Koh-Dimbot J.P., Keith-Diagne L.W.

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