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Bird watching and estimation of bird diversity–not always corresponding: a reply to Hogg and Vande weghe [L’observation des oiseaux et l’estimation de la diversité des oiseaux – ne se correspondent pas toujours: une réponse à Hogg et Vande weghe]
Gatali C., Wallin K.
Body growth and life history in wild mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) from Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Galbany J., Abavandimwe D., Vakiener M., Eckardt W., Mudakikwa A., Ndagijimana F., Stoinski T.S., McFarlin S.C.
Cambial activity in the understory of the Mayombe forest, DR Congo
De Mil T., Angoboy Ilondea B., Maginet S., Duvillier J., Van Acker J., Beeckman H., Van den Bulcke J.
Camera-trapping confirms unheralded disappearance of the leopard (Panthera pardus) from Waza National Park, Cameroon
Giordano A.J., Tumenta P.N., de Iongh H.H.
Carbon stocks and dynamics at different successional stages in an Afromontane tropical forest
Nyirambangutse B., Zibera E., Uwizeye F.K., Nsabimana D., Bizuru E., Pleijel H., Uddling J., Wallin G.
Cases of maternal cannibalism in wild bonobos (Pan paniscus) from two different field sites, Wamba and Kokolopori, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tokuyama N., Moore D.L., Graham K.E., Lokasola A., Furuichi T.
Changing governance arrangements: NTFP value chains in the Congo Basin
Ingram V.
Chimpanzee seed dispersal in a montane forest fragment in Rwanda
Chancellor R.L., Rundus A.S., Nyandwi S.
Conservation strategies for understanding and combating the primate bushmeat trade on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
Cronin D.T., Sesink Clee P.R., Mitchell M.W., Bocuma Meñe D., Fernández D., Riaco C., Fero Meñe M., Esara Echube J.M., Hearn G.W., Gonder M.K.
Contrasting patterns of carbon sequestration between Gilbertiodendron dewevrei monodominant forests and Scorodophloeus zenkeri mixed forests in the Central Congo basin
Cassart B., Angbonga Basia A., Titeux H., Andivia E., Ponette Q.
Distribution and habitat associations of the critically endangered bird species of São Tomé Island (Gulf of Guinea)
Lima R.F.D., Sampaio H., Dunn J.C., Cabinda G., Fonseca R., Oquiongo G., Oquiongo J., Samba S., Santana A., Soares E., Viegas L., Ward-Francis A., Costa L.T., Palmeirim J.M., Buchanan G.M.
Diversity of mantids (Dictyoptera: Mantodea) of Sangha-Mbaere Region, Central African Republic, with some ecological data and DNA barcoding
Moulin N., Decaëns T., Annoyer P.
Do April showers bring May flowers? Knowledge and perceptions of local biodiversity influencing understanding of global environmental change. A presentation of the PIAF project
Sourdril A., Welch-Devine M., Andrieu E., Bélaïdi N.
Do habituation, host traits and seasonality have an impact on protist and helminth infections of wild western lowland gorillas?
Paf?o B., Benavides J.A., Pšenková-Profousová I., Modrý D., ?ervená B., Shutt K.A., Hasegawa H., Fuh T., Todd A.F., Petrželková K.J.
Does the altitude affect the stability of montane forests? A study in the kahuzi-biega national park (Democratic republic of the Congo)
Cirimwami L., Gourlet-Fleury S., Kahindo J.-M., Doumenge C., Gonmadje C., Amani C.
Ebola: The great ape gamble
Willyard C.
Ecological importance and apicultural potential of the Manda National Park periphery in the Sudanian zone of the mid-Chari region of Chad [Importance écologique et potentialité apicole à la périphérie du Parc national de Manda en zone soudanienne du Moyen-Chari (Tchad)]
Dongock N.D., Avana T.M.L., Djimasngar M., Goy S., Pinta J.Y.
Effect of light, fire and weed control on establishment of Pericopsis elata Harms regeneration
Umunay P.M., Covey K.R., Makana J.-R., Gregoire T.G.
Effects of logging on roadless space in intact forest landscapes of the Congo Basin
Kleinschroth F., Healey J.R., Gourlet-Fleury S., Mortier F., Stoica R.S.
Exploitation of underground bee nests by three sympatric consumers in Loango National Park, Gabon
Estienne V., Mundry R., Kühl H.S., Boesch C.

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