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Examining short-term nutritional status among BaAka foragers in transitional economies
Remis M.J., Jost Robinson C.A.
Fine-scale genetic structure and cryptic associations reveal evidence of kin-based sociality in the African forest elephant
Schuttler S.G., Philbrick J.A., Jeffery K.J., Eggert L.S.
Fire management in a changing landscape: A case study from lopÉ national park, Gabon
Jeffery K.J., Korte L., Palla F., Walters G., White L.J.T., Abernethy K.A.
Floristic heterogeneity at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda and possible implications for habitat use by chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
Potts K.B., Lwanga J.S.
Floristic study of the natural statements of the Patte D'Oie forest of Brazzaville, Congo [Étude floristique des îlots forestiers naturels de la Patte dOie de Brazzaville, Congo]
Kimpouni V., Mbou P., Apani E., Motom M.
Food dropping as a food transfer mechanism among western lowland gorillas in Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Gabon
Iwata Y.
Genetic inference of group dynamics and female kin structure in a western lowland gorilla population (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)
Arandjelovic M., Head J., Boesch C., Robbins M.M., Vigilant L.
Giardia in mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei), forest buffalo (Syncerus caffer), and domestic cattle in Volcanoes national park, Rwanda
Hogan J.N., Miller W.A., Cranfield M.R., Ramer J., Hassell J., Bosco Noheri J., Conrad P.A., Gilardi K.V.K.
How (not) to perform ecosystem service valuations: pricing gorillas in the mist
Fanny B., Nicolas D., Sander J., Erik G.-B., Marc D.
Impacts of civil conflict on primary forest habitat in northern Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1990-2010
Nackoney J., Molinario G., Potapov P., Turubanova S., Hansen M.C., Furuichi T.
In vitro phytochemical screening and anthelmintic activity of viscum congolensis and galiniera coffeoides against adult earthworm alma emini
Bahizire K., Bagalwa M., Bashwira S., Basabose K., Bagalwa B.
Lactobacillus gorillae sp. nov., isolated from the faeces of captive and wild western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)
Tsuchida S., Kitahara M., Nguema P.P.M., Norimitsu S., Fujita S., Yamagiwa J., Ngomanda A., Ohkuma M., Ushida K.
Mapping Hotspots of Threatened Species Traded in Bushmeat Markets in the Cross-Sanaga Rivers Region
Fa J.E., Farfán M.A., Marquez A.L., Duarte J., Nackoney J., Hall A., Dupain J., Seymour S., Johnson P.J., Macdonald D.W., Vargas J.M.
Marine communities on oil platforms in Gabon, West Africa: High biodiversity oases in a low biodiversity environment
Friedlander A.M., Ballesteros E., Fay M., Sala E.
Measuring effectiveness, efficiency and equity in an experimental Payments for Ecosystem Services trial
Martin A., Gross-Camp N., Kebede B., McGuire S.
Mountain gorilla ranging patterns: Influence of group size and group dynamics
Caillaud D., Ndagijimana F., Giarrusso A.J., Vecellio V., Stoinski T.S.
Nest position and type affect predation rates of artificial avian nests in the tropical lowland forest on Mount Cameroon
Djomo Nana E., Sedlá?ek O., Vokurková J., Ho?ák D.
New evidence for self-medication in bonobos: Manniophyton fulvum leaf- and stemstrip-swallowing from LuiKotale, Salonga National Park, DR Congo
Fruth B., Ikombe N.B., Matshimba G.K., Metzger S., Muganza D.M., Mundry R., Fowler A.
Niche differentiation and dietary seasonality among sympatric gorillas and chimpanzees in Loango National Park (Gabon) revealed by stable isotope analysis
Oelze V.M., Head J.S., Robbins M.M., Richards M., Boesch C.
Outcome of acute East African trypanosomiasis in a Polish traveller treated with pentamidine
Paul M., Stefaniak J., Smuszkiewicz P., Van Esbroeck M., Geysen D., Clerinx J.

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