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Crocodiles in the Sahara desert: An update of distribution, habitats and population status for conservation planning in Mauritania
Brito J.C., Martínez-Freiría F., Sierra P., Sillero N., Tarroso P.
Decoupling the effects of logging and hunting on an afrotropical animal community
Poulsen J.R., Clark C.J., Bolker B.M.
Demographic pressure impacts on forests in Rwanda
Habiyaremye G., Jiwen G., Mupenzi J.P.M., Balogun W.O.
Differential impact of bushmeat hunting on monkey species and implications for primate conservation in Korup National Park, Cameroon
Linder J.M., Oates J.F.
Epistemma neuerburgii (Apocynaceae, Periplocoideae): A new epiphytic species from Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda, Africa
Fischer E., Venter H.J.T., Killmann D., Meve U., Venter A.M.
Estimations of total ecosystem carbon pools distribution and carbon biomass current annual increment of a moist tropical forest
Djomo A.N., Knohl A., Gravenhorst G.
Evidence for Seed Dispersal by Rodents in Tropical Montane Forest in Africa
Nyiramana A., Mendoza I., Kaplin B.A., Forget P.-M.
Feeding ecology of Kassina senegalensis in Cameroon (Amphibia, Anura, Hyperoliidae)
Allingham S.M., Harvey M.
Habitat specificity and diversity of tree species in an African wet tropical forest
Chuyong G.B., Kenfack D., Harms K.E., Thomas D.W., Condit R., Comita L.S.
Hand Preferences for Bimanual Coordination in 77 Bonobos (Pan paniscus): Replication and Extension
Chapelain A.S., Hogervorst E., Mbonzo P., Hopkins W.D.
High prevalence of the amphibian chytrid pathogen in Gabon
Bell R.C., Gata Garcia A.V., Stuart B.L., Zamudio K.R.
Human livelihoods and protected areas in Gabon: A cross-sectional comparison of welfare and consumption patterns
Foerster S., Wilkie D.S., Morelli G.A., Demmer J., Starkey M., Telfer P., Steil M.
Identifying priority areas for conservation: A global assessment for forest-dependent birds
Buchanan G.M., Donald P.F., Butchart S.H.M.
Illustrated overview and identification key to Cameroonian Ceratocanthinae beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Hybosoridae)with description of four new species
Ballerio A., Gill B.D., Grebennikov V.V.
Institutional aspects of artisanal mining in forest landscapes, western Congo Basin
Schure J., Ingram V., Tieguhong J.C., Ndikumagenge C.
Leopard prey choice in the Congo Basin rainforest suggests exploitative competition with human bushmeat hunters
Henschel P., Hunter L.T.B., Coad L., Abernethy K.A., Mühlenberg M.
Line transect estimates of humpback whale abundance and distribution on their wintering grounds in the coastal waters of Gabon
Strindberg S., Ersts P.J., Collins T.I.M., Sounguet G.-P., Rosenbaum H.C.
Linking development interventions to conservation: Perspectives from partners in the international gorilla conservation programme
Martin A., Rutagarama E., Gray M., Asuma S., Bana M., Basabose A., Mwine M.
Logging or conservation concession: Exploring conservation and development outcomes in Dzanga-Sangha, Central African Republic
Sandker M., Semboli B.B.-D., Roth P., Péllisier C., Ruiz-Pérez M., Sayer J., Turkalo A.K., Omoze F., Campbell B.M.
Multi-faceted approaches to understanding changes in wildlife and livelihoods in a protected area: A conservation case study from the Central African Republic
Jost Robinson C.A., Daspit L.L., Remis M.J.

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