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List of 779 scientific articles availableYear
Livestock depredation and mitigation methods practised by resident and nomadic pastoralists around Waza National Park, Cameroon
Tumenta P.N., De Iongh H.H., Funston P.J., Udo De Haes H.A.
Long-Term Monitoring of Microsporidia, Cryptosporidium and Giardia Infections in Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) at Different Stages of Habituation in Dzanga Sangha Protected Areas, Central African Republic
Sak B., Petrzelkova K.J., Kvetonova D., Mynarova A., Shutt K.A., Pomajbikova K., Kalousova B., Modry D., Benavides J., Todd A., Kvac M.
Long-Term Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Food Availability for Endangered Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Grueter C.C., Ndamiyabo F., Plumptre A.J., Abavandimwe D., Mundry R., Fawcett K.A., Robbins M.M.
Mangrove and peat swamp forests: Refuge habitats for primates and felids
Nowak K.
Mapping the biodiversity of tropical insects: Species richness and inventory completeness of African sphingid moths
Ballesteros-Mejia L., Kitching I.J., Jetz W., Nagel P., Beck J.
National forest cover change in Congo Basin: Deforestation, reforestation, degradation and regeneration for the years 1990, 2000 and 2005
Céline E., Philippe M., Astrid V., Catherine B., Musampa C., Pierre D.
New species of Doumea (Siluriformes: Amphiliidae) from coastal river basins of the Republic of the Congo
Ferraris Jr. C.J., Vari R.P.
Notes on the herpetofauna of western Bas-Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Nagy Z.T., Kusamba C., Collet M., Gvoždík V.
Occurrence and molecular analysis of Balantidium coli in mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Hassell J.M., Blake D.P., Cranfield M.R., Ramer J., Hogan J.N., Bosco Noheli J., Waters M., Hermosilla C.
Phenology in functional groups of central african rainforest trees
Couralet C., Van Den Bulcke J., Ngoma L.M., Van Acker J., Beeckman H.
Phlebotomus (Legeromyia) multihamatus subg. nov., sp. nov. from Gabon (Diptera: Psychodidae)
Rahola N., Depaquit J., Makanga B.K., Paupy C.
Population density and habitat preferences of forest duikers in moukalaba-doudou national Park, Gabon
Nakashima Y., Inoue E., Akomo-Okoue E.-F.
Possible tool use in a mountain gorilla
Grueter C.C., Robbins M.M., Ndagijimana F., Stoinski T.S.
Potential effects of prescribed savannah burning on the diet selection of forest buffalo (Syncerus caffer nanus) in Lopé National Park, Gabon
Van der Hoek Y., Lustenhouwer I., Jeffery K.J., van Hooft P.
Preliminary description of the diet of Hippopotamus amphibius L. in Loango National Park (Gabon) [Première description du regime alimentaire de Hippopotamus amphibius L. au Pare National de Loango (Gabon)]
Michez A., Doucet J.-L., Dendoncker N., Bouché P., Vermeulen C.
Priority Areas for Large Mammal Conservation in Equatorial Guinea
Murai M., Ruffler H., Berlemont A., Campbell G., Esono F., Agbor A., Mbomio D., Ebana A., Nze A., Kühl H.S.
Protected areas in Cameroon from Rio to Rio+20 (1992-2012)
Mbi B.M.T., Ndi H.N.
Protected areas within multifunctional landscapes: Squeezing out intermediate land use intensities in the tropics?
Dewi S., van Noordwijk M., Ekadinata A., Pfund J.-L.
Rhipidoglossum montealenense (Orchidaceae), a new species from Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon
Descourvières P., Dubuisson J.-Y., Droissart V., Cribb P., Cawoy V., Simo-Droissart M., Sonké B., Stévart T.
Safeguarding ecosystem services and livelihoods: Understanding the impact of conservation strategies on benefit flows to society
Willemen L., Drakou E.G., Dunbar M.B., Mayaux P., Egoh B.N.

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