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Sympatric Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) and Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in Loango National Park, Gabon: Dietary Composition, Seasonality, and Intersite Comparisons
Head J.S., Boesch C., Makaga L., Robbins M.M.
The applicability of relative floristic resemblance to evaluate the conservation value of protected areas
Wieringa J.J., Sosef M.S.M.
The appropriation of conservation policies of the wild fauna in Central Africa by populations neighboring protected areas: The obstacles created by project practices [L 'intégration des riverains d1 aires protégées aux démarches de conservation de la faune sauvage d'Afrique centrale: Vobstacle posé par les pratiques des projets]
Binot-Herder A.
The impact of trophy hunting on lions (Panthera leo) and other large carnivores in the Bénoué Complex, northern Cameroon
Croes B.M., Funston P.J., Rasmussen G., Buij R., Saleh A., Tumenta P.N., de Iongh H.H.
The impacts of sport hunting on the livelihoods of local people: A case study of Bénoué National Park, Cameroon
Yasuda A.
The interweave of people and place: Biocultural diversity in migrant and indigenous livelihoods around Mount Cameroon
Laird S.A., Awung G.L., Lysinge R.J., Ndive L.E.
The Kahuzi - Biega National Park (Congo D. R.), heritage in danger? The high altitude area: State and future [Le Parc National de Kahuzi - Biega (R. D. Congo), patrimoine en péril? Le secteur «Haute Altitude», situation et perspectives]
Kabonyi Nzabandora C., Salmon M., Roche E.
The overexploitation and illegal trade of Prunus africana in the protected areas in the light of international environmental law (A case study of the Democratic Republic of Congo)
Shamwana F.T.
The role of transport and accommodation infrastructure in the development of eco/nature tourism in Cameroon
Kimbu A.
The spatial structure of hunter access determines the local abundance of forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis)
Yackulic C.B., Strindberg S., Maisels F., Blake S.
Towards understanding large mammal population declines in Africa's protected areas: A West-Central African perspective
Scholte P.
Tree population dynamics of three altitudinal vegetation communities on Mount Cameroon (1989-2004)
Forboseh P.F., Sunderland T.C.H., Comiskey J.A., Balinga M.
Understanding and integrating local perceptions of trees and forests into incentives for sustainable landscape management
Pfund J.-L., Watts J.D., Boissière M., Boucard A., Bullock R.M., Ekadinata A., Dewi S., Feintrenie L., Levang P., Rantala S., Sheil D., Sunderland T.C.H., Urech Z.L.
Understanding the co-existence of conflict and cooperation: Transboundary ecosystem management in the virunga massif
Martin A., Rutagarama E., Cascão A., Gray M., Chhotray V.
Using satellite tracking to optimize protection of long-lived marine species: Olive ridley sea turtle conservation in central africa
Maxwell S.M., Breed G.A., Nickel B.A., Makanga-Bahouna J., Pemo-Makaya E., Parnell R.J., Formia A., Ngouessono S., Godley B.J., Costa D.P., Witt M.J., Coyne M.S.
Vagrant subantarctic fur seal in the Mayumba National Park, Gabon
Zanre R., Bester M.N.
Wildlife and Land Use Conflicts in the Mbam and Djerem Conservation Region, Cameroon: Status and Mitigation Measures
Bobo K.S., Weladji R.B.
Will elephants soon disappear from West African Savannahs?
Bouché P., Douglas-Hamilton I., Wittemyer G., Nianogo A.J., Doucet J.-L., Lejeune P., Vermeulen C.
Woody species richness of a remnant gallery forest in eastern Rwanda
Nduwamungu J., Habyarimana B.

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