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Parasitological examination of common hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) faeces in the Gamba Complex of Protected Area in Gabon
Rietmann S., Walzer C.
Petrocephalus boboto and Petrocephalus arnegardi, two new species of African electric fish (Osteoglossomorpha, Mormyridae) from the Congo River basin
Lavoué S., Sullivan J.P.
Plant biomass density as an indicator of food supply for elephants (Loxodonta africana) in Waza National Park, Cameroon
Tchamba M.N., Weladji R.B., Foguekem D., Loomis M.
Plant selection for nest building by western lowland gorillas in Cameroon
Willie J., Tagg N., Petre C.-A., Pereboom Z., Lens L.
Population trends of antelopes in Waza National Park (Cameroon) show escalating effects of poaching and livestock intrusion
Scholte P.
Prevalence and genetic diversity of Oesophagostomum stephanostomum in wild lowland gorillas at Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Gabon
Makouloutou P., Mbehang Nguema P.P., Fujita S., Takenoshita Y., Hasegawa H., Yanagida T., Sato H.
Prevalence of phylogenetic clustering at multiple scales in an African rain forest tree community
Parmentier I., Réjou-Méchain M., Chave J., Vleminckx J., Thomas D.W., Kenfack D., Chuyong G.B., Hardy O.J.
Protected areas in tropical Africa: Assessing threats and conservation activities
Tranquilli S., Abedi-Lartey M., Abernethy K., Amsini F., Asamoah A., Balangtaa C., Blake S., Bouanga E., Breuer T., Brncic T.M., Campbell G., Chancellor R., Chapman C.A., Davenport T.R.B., Dunn A., Dupain J., Ekobo A., Eno-Nku M., Etoga G., Furuichi T., Gatti S., Ghiurghi A., Hashimoto C., Hart J.A., Head J., Hega M., Herbinger I., Hicks T.C., Holbech L.H., Huijbregts B., Kühl H.S., Imong I., Yeno S.L.-D., Linder J., Marshall P., Lero P.M., Morgan D., Mubalama L., N'Goran P.K., Nicholas A., Nixon S., Normand E., Nziguyimpa L., Nzooh-Dongmo Z., Ofori-Amanfo R., Ogunjemite B.G., Petre C.-A., Rainey H.J., Regnaut S., Robinson O., Rundus A., Sanz C.M., Okon D.T., Todd A., Warren Y., Sommer V.
Protected areas, ecotourism, and livelihood sustenance: Conflicting triological paradigm in the Ejagham forest reserve (forest management unit 11-005), Cameroon
Orock F.T.
Recent divergences and size decreases of eastern gorilla populations
Roy J., Arandjelovic M., Bradley B.J., Guschanski K., Stephens C.R., Bucknell D., Cirhuza H., Kusamba C., Kyungu J.C., Smith V., Robbins M.M., Vigilant L.
Rhabdochona spp. (Nematoda: Rhabdochonidae) from fishes in the Central African republic, including three new species
Moravec F., Jirk? M.
Seedling resistance, tolerance and escape from herbivores: Insights from co-dominant canopy tree species in a resource-poor African rain forest
Norghauer J.M., Glauser G., Newbery D.M.
Sharing fruit of Treculia africana among western gorillas in the Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Gabon: Preliminary report
Yamagiwa J., Tsubokawa K., Inoue E., Ando C.
Socio-economic impacts of protected areas on people living close to the Mount Cameroon national park
Nana E.D., Tchamadeu N.N.
Stand structure and species co-occurrence in mixed and monodominant Central African tropical forests
Djuikouo M.N.K., Peh K.S.-H., Nguembou C.K., Doucet J.-L., Lewis S.L., Sonké B.
Taxonomy of Atlantic Central African orchids 2. A second species of the rare genus Distylodon (Orchidaceae, Angraecinae) collected in Cameroon
Droissart V., Cribb P.J., Simo-Droissart M., Stévart T.
The "white gold of Jihad": Violence, legitimisation and contestation in anti-poaching strategies
White N.
The gabon biodiversity program: A conservation research collaboration
Alonso A., Dallmeier F., Korte L., Vanthomme H.
The status of savanna carnivores in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, northern Republic of Congo
Henschel P., Malanda G.-A., Hunter L.
Tourism in the East African Community (EAC): Challenges, opportunities, and ways forward
Okello M.M., Novelli M.

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