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The effects of road access on income generation. Evidence from an integrated conservation and development project in Cameroon
Spey I.-K., Kupsch D., Bobo K.S., Waltert M., Schwarze S.
The fate of uganda’s northern white rhino translocated to murchison falls national park in 1961 and 1964
Wheater R.J., Parker I.S.C.
The first range-wide assessment of Saddle-billed Stork Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis distribution
Gula J., Weckerly F., Sundar K.S.G.
The Luki and Yangambi Biosphere Reserves: Laboratories for climate change research and sustainable development
Beeckman H.
The Perceived Benefits of Protected Areas in the Virunga-bwindi Massif
Tolbert S., Makambo W., Asuma S., Musema A., Mugabukomeye B.
The role of ultraviolet reflectance and pattern in the pollination system of Hypoxis camerooniana (Hypoxidaceae)
Klomberg Y., Dywou Kouede R., Bartoš M., Mertens J.E.J., Tropek R., Fokam E.B., Jane?ek Š.
The socio-economics of artisanal mining and bushmeat hunting around protected areas: Kahuzi-Biega National Park and Itombwe Nature Reserve, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Spira C., Kirkby A., Kujirakwinja D., Plumptre A.J.
The trichoptera diversity of Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda, with description of a new species in the family pisuliidae
Ngirinshuti L., Rukera Tabaro S., Johanson K.A.
Two collared elephants in Sena Oura National Park in Chad [Deux éléphants bagués dans le parc national de sena oura au tchad]
Kitio W.
Understanding ranger motivation and job satisfaction to improve wildlife protection in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo
Spira C., Kirkby A.E., Plumptre A.J.
Using Cumulative Impact Mapping to Prioritize Marine Conservation Efforts in Equatorial Guinea
Trew B.T., Grantham H.S., Barrientos C., Collins T., Doherty P.D., Formia A., Godley B.J., Maxwell S.M., Parnell R.J., Pikesley S.K., Tilley D., Witt M.J., Metcalfe K.
Using diversity indices for identifying the priority sites for herpetofauna conservation in the democratic republic of the Congo
Chifundera K.Z.
Using transect sampling to determine the distribution of some key non-timber forest products across habitat types near Boumba-Bek National Park, South-east Cameroon
Ngansop T.M., Biye E.H., Fongnzossie F.E., Forbi P.F., Chimi D.C.
Vegetation, floristic composition and structure of a tropical montane forest in Cameroon
Sainge M.N., Lyonga N.M., Mbatchou G.P.T., Kenfack D., Nchu F., Peterson A.T.
Wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) exploit tortoises (Kinixys erosa) via percussive technology
Pika S., Klein H., Bunel S., Baas P., Théleste E., Deschner T.
A camera trap assessment of the forest mammal community within the transitional savannah-forest mosaic of the Batéké Plateau National Park, Gabon
Hedwig D., Kienast I., Bonnet M., Curran B.K., Courage A., Boesch C., Kühl H.S., King T.
A Central African Perspective on Delegated Protected Area Management
Scholte P., Agnangoye J.-P., Chardonnet B., Eloma H.-P., Nchoutpouen C., Ngoga T.
A fast and simple method to assess land use statistics using very high resolution imagery from mini-drone [Une méthode simple et rapide pour l'évaluation de statistiques d'occupation du sol à l'aide d'images à très haute résolution acquises par mini-drone]
Ngabinzeke J.S., Pitchugin M., Linchant J., Vermeulen C., Muhongya J.-M.K., Lejeune P.
A new blind snake of the genus Letheobia (Serpentes: Typhlopidae) from Rwanda with redescriptions of L. gracilis (Sternfeld, 1910) and L. graueri (Sternfeld, 1912) and the introduction of a non-invasive preparation procedure for scanning electron microscopy in zoology
Dehling J.M., Hinkel H.H., Ensikat H.-J., Babilon K., Fischer E.
A revision of Syngalepsus Beier, with the description of two new species from the Central African Republic and Malawi (Mantodea, Tarachodidae)
Moulin N.

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