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The World Bank's endeavours to reform the forest concessions' regime in Central Africa: Lessons from 25 years of efforts
Karsenty A.
The ‘green militarisation’ of development aid_ the European Commission and the Virunga National Park, DR Congo
Marijnen E.
Tomographic imaging with UAVSAR: Current status and new results from the 2016 AfriSAR campaign
Lavalle M., Hawkins B., Hensley S.
Towards automated visual monitoring of individual gorillas in the wild
Brust C.-A., Burghardt T., Groenenberg M., Käding C., Kühl H.S., Manguette M.L., Denzler J.
Using mosses as biomonitors to study trace element emissions and their distribution in six different volcanic areas
Arndt J., Calabrese S., D'Alessandro W., Planer-Friedrich B.
Using video and theater to increase knowledge and change attitudes—Why are gorillas important to the world and to Congo?
Breuer T., Mavinga F.B., Evans R., Lukas K.E.
Valuing visitor services and access to protected areas: The case of Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda
Lal P., Wolde B., Masozera M., Burli P., Alavalapati J., Ranjan A., Montambault J., Banerjee O., Ochuodho T., Mugabo R.
“Show me which parasites you carry and I will tell you what you eat”, or how to infer the trophic behavior of hematophagous arthropods feeding on wildlife
Makanga B., Costantini C., Rahola N., Yangari P., Rougeron V., Ayala D., Prugnolle F., Paupy C.
Acanthocephalans of the genus Megistacantha Golvan, 1960 (Palaeacanthocephala: Rhadinorhynchidae) in two African mormyrid fishes (Actinopterygii: Mormyridae)
Kvach Y., Jirk? M., Scholz T.
Access to discourse, marginalisation and exclusion in conservation-induced resettlement: the case of the displaced Baka of East Cameroon
Awuh H.E.
African savanna-forest boundary dynamics: A 20-year study
Cuni-Sanchez A., White L.J.T., Calders K., Jeffery K.J., Abernethy K., Burt A., Disney M., Gilpin M., Gomez-Dans J.L., Lewis S.L.
Age-related changes in molar topography and shearing crest length in a wild population of mountain Gorillas from Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Glowacka H., McFarlin S.C., Catlett K.K., Mudakikwa A., Bromage T.G., Cranfield M.R., Stoinski T.S., Schwartz G.T.
An empirical test for convergence using African barbs (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae)
Armbruster J.W., Stout C.C., Hayes M.M.
An oil and gas company operating in an area of high biodiversity- A model for sustainable development and social responsibility
Ikapi T.M., Gabon S.
Assemblages of recent intertidal mangrove foraminifera from the Akanda National Park, Gabon: Sea level proxies preserved in faunal Assemblages
Langer M.R., FajeMila O.T., Mannl S.
BaAka women's health and subsistence practices in transitional conservation economies: Variation with age, household size, and food security
Jost Robinson C.A., Remis M.J.
Biodiversity and abundance of termites in the Yoko Forestry Reserve (Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo) [Biodiversité et abondance des termites dans la Réserve Forestière de Yoko (Kisangani, République Démocratique du Congo)]
Bakondongama J., Danakibo B.M., Juakaly W.J.-L., Malaisse M.F.
Canopy gaps promote selective stem-cutting by small mammals of two dominant tree species in an African lowland forest: The importance of seedling chemistry
Norghauer J.M., Röder G., Glauser G.
Catastrophic decline of world's largest primate: 80% loss of grauer's gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri) population justifies critically endangered status
Plumptre A.J., Nixon S., Kujirakwinja D.K., Vieilledent G., Critchlow R., Williamson E.A., Nishuli R., Kirkby A.E., Hall J.S.
Climate Change Adaptation in Rwanda through Indigenous Knowledge Practice
Taremwa N.K., Gashumba D., Butera A., Ranganathan T.

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