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Exploring future agricultural development and biodiversity in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi: a spatially explicit scenario-based assessment
van Soesbergen A., Arnell A.P., Sassen M., Stuch B., Schaldach R., Göpel J., Vervoort J., Mason-D’Croz D., Islam S., Palazzo A.
Extraction of honey from underground bee nests by central African chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) in Loango National Park, Gabon: Techniques and individual differences
Estienne V., Stephens C., Boesch C.
First observations on the behavior of the flightless anomalure (Zenkerella insignis)
Dinets V.
First quantitative survey delineates the distribution of chimpanzees in the Eastern Central African Republic
Aebischer T., Siguindo G., Rochat E., Arandjelovic M., Heilman A., Hickisch R., Vigilant L., Joost S., Wegmann D.
Foliar nutrient and metal levels of crops in the Mount Cameroon area—reference values for plant nutrition and environmental monitoring
Franzaring J., Mbaka G.E., Ambebe T.F., Nkengafac J.N., Schlosser S., Fangmeier A.
Fourier analysis to detect phenological cycles using long-term tropical field data and simulations
Bush E.R., Abernethy K.A., Jeffery K., Tutin C., White L., Dimoto E., Dikangadissi J.-T., Jump A.S., Bunnefeld N.
Freshwater Megafauna: Flagships for Freshwater Biodiversity under Threat
Carrizo S.F., Jähnig S.C., Bremerich V., Freyhof J., Harrison I., He F., Langhans S.D., Tockner K., Zarfl C., Darwall W.
Good news from north-central Africa: Largest population of Vulnerable common hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius is stable
Scholte P., Nguimkeng F., Iyah E.
Height-diameter allometry and above ground biomass in tropical montane forests: Insights from the Albertine Rift in Africa
Imani G., Boyemba F., Lewis S., Nabahungu N.L., Calders K., Zapfack L., Riera B., Balegamire C., Cuni-Sanchez A.
Heterodermia pindurae (Physciaceae)—a new foliose lichen from Rwanda
Fischer E., Killmann D., Ertz D., Sérusiaux E.
Host specificity and basic ecology of Mammomonogamus (Nematoda, Syngamidae) from lowland gorillas and forest elephants in Central African Republic
?ervená B., Vallo P., Paf?o B., Jirk? K., Jirk? M., Petrželková K.J., Todd A., Turkalo A.K., Modrý D.
Household determinants of bushmeat and eru (Gnetum africanum) harvesting for cash in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Bakkegaard R.K., Nielsen M.R., Thorsen B.J.
How evolving holocene landscapes are filling in the valley bottoms of Gabon's lopé national park in the mid ogooué valley [Le rôle de l'évolution des paysages holocènes dans le comblement des bas-fonds du Parc national de la Lopé, moyenne vallée de l'Ogooué au Gabon]
Obame V.N., M'Voubou M., Sebag D., Oslisly R., Bremond L., Mounguengui M.M., Giresse P.
How many species and under what names? Using DNA barcoding and GenBank data for west Central African amphibian conservation
Deichmann J.L., Mulcahy D.G., Vanthomme H., Tobi E., Wynn A.H., Zimkus B.M., McDiarmid R.W.
Identification and molecular characterization of novel primate bocaparvoviruses from wild western lowland gorillas of Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Gabon
Nze-Nkogue C., Horie M., Fujita S., Inoue E., Akomo-Okoue E.-F., Ozawa M., Ngomanda A., Yamagiwa J., Tsukiyama-Kohara K.
Impact of woody encroachment on soil organic carbon storage in the Lopé National Park, Gabon
Chiti T., Mihindou V., Jeffery K.J., Malhi Y., De Oliveira F.L., White L.J.T., Valentini R.
Land change in the central Albertine rift: Insights from analysis and mapping of land use-land cover change in north-western Rwanda
Akinyemi F.O.
Large and medium sized mammal species association with habitat type in Southeast Cameroon
Bobo K.S., Kamgaing T.O.W., Ntumwel C.B., Kagalang D., Kengne N.J.P., Aghomo F.F.M., Ndengue M.L.S.
Managing human-wildlife conflicts in central and southern Africa
Nguinguiri J.-C., Czudek R., Larrubia C.J., Ilama L., Le Bel S., Angoran E.J., Trebuchon J.F., Cornelis D.
Molecular features of hookworm larvae (Necator spp.) raised by coproculture from Ugandan chimpanzees and Gabonese gorillas and humans
Hasegawa H., Shigyo M., Yanai Y., McLennan M.R., Fujita S., Makouloutou P., Tsuchida S., Ando C., Sato H., Huffman M.A.

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