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Night and day: evaluating transect methodologies to monitor duikers in the Dzanga-Sangha Protected Areas, Central African Republic
Jost Robinson C.A., Zollner P.A., Kpanou J.B.
No impact of strongylid infections on the detection of Plasmodium spp. in faeces of western lowland gorillas and eastern chimpanzees
Mapua M.I., Paf?o B., Burgunder J., Profousová-Pšenková I., Todd A., Hashimoto C., Qablan M.A., Modrý D., Petrželková K.J.
Nut-cracking behaviour in wild-born, rehabilitated bonobos (Pan paniscus): a comprehensive study of hand-preference, hand grips and efficiency
Neufuss J., Humle T., Cremaschi A., Kivell T.L.
Passive acoustic monitoring as a law enforcement tool for Afrotropical rainforests
Astaras C., Linder J.M., Wrege P., Orume R.D., Macdonald D.W.
Poaching empties critical Central African wilderness of forest elephants
Poulsen J.R., Koerner S.E., Moore S., Medjibe V.P., Blake S., Clark C.J., Akou M.E., Fay M., Meier A., Okouyi J., Rosin C., White L.J.T.
Potamonautes nheenae, a new species of freshwater crab from Gabon,central Africa, with a description of the first known male of erimetopus brazzae (a. milne-edwards, 1886) from the democratic republic of the congo,central Africa (Brachyura: Potamoidea: Potamonautidae)
Cumberlidge N.
Pseudagrion kamiranzovu sp. No v., a new flagship species of damselfly from Rwanda's Nyungwe Forest (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)
Kipping J., Günther A., Uyizeye E.
Rain-plume interactions at Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes and associated rainwater hazards, East Africa
Balagizi C.M., Kasereka M.M., Cuoco E., Liotta M.
Revision of the tropical African genus Tetraconcha (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae) with the description of ten new species
Massa B.
Shift in functional traits along soil fertility gradient reflects non-random community assembly in a tropical African rainforest
Libalah M.B., Droissart V., Sonké B., Hardy O.J., Drouet T., Pescador D.S., Kenfack D., Thomas D.W., Chuyong G.B., Couteron P.
Spatial planning for a green economy: National-level hydrologic ecosystem services priority areas for Gabon
Goldstein J.H., Tallis H., Cole A., Schill S., Martin E., Heiner M., Paiz M.-C., Aldous A., Apse C., Nickel B.
Stable and fluctuating social preferences and implications for cooperation among female bonobos at LuiKotale, Salonga National Park, DRC
Moscovice L.R., Douglas P.H., Martinez-Iñigo L., Surbeck M., Vigilant L., Hohmann G.
Taxonomy of atlantic central African orchids, 6: Three new species of angraecum sect. Afrangraecum (orchidaceae, Angraecinae) from Gabon and São Tomé
Je?menica V., Droissart V., Akouangou E., Nyangala C., Bakita B., Biteau J.P., Stévart T.
Territory and biodiversity: Patrimonializations and actors' anticipations. A rereading from the case of the upper benoue, Cameroon [Territoire et biodiversité: mises en patrimoine et anticipations des acteurs. Une relecture à partir de la Haute Bénoué (Cameroun)]
Raimond C., Garine E., Langlois O.
Testing a general approach to assess the degree of disturbance in tropical forests
Sellan G., Simini F., Maritan A., Banavar J.R., de Haulleville T., Bauters M., Doucet J.-L., Beeckman H., Anfodillo T.
The conservation status of two threatened primates in the korup region, southwest Cameroon
Serge Bobo K., Bonito Ntumwel C., Florence Aghomo F., Aurele Ayemele K.G.
The forest spatial dynamics in the Bururi forest nature reserve, Burundi [La dynamique spatiale de la foret situee dans la reserve naturelle forestiere de Bururi au Burundi]
Havyarimana F., Masharabu T., Kouao J.K., Bamba I., Nduwarugira D., Bigendako M.-J., Hakizimana P., Mama A., Bangirinama F., Banyankimbona G., Bogaert J., De Canniere C.
The last frontiers of wilderness: Tracking loss of intact forest landscapes from 2000 to 2013
Potapov P., Hansen M.C., Laestadius L., Turubanova S., Yaroshenko A., Thies C., Smith W., Zhuravleva I., Komarova A., Minnemeyer S., Esipova E.
The potential of ecotourism opportunities to generate support for mountain gorilla conservation among local communities neighboring Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda
Sabuhoro E., Wright B., Munanura I.E., Nyakabwa I.N., Nibigira C.
The socio-economics of artisanal mining and bushmeat hunting around protected areas: Kahuzi– Biega National Park and Itombwe Nature Reserve, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo—ERRATUM
Spira C., Kirkby A., Kujirakwinja D., Plumptre A.J.

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