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Primates in peril: The significance of Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo for global primate conservation
Estrada A., Garber P.A., Mittermeier R.A., Wich S., Gouveia S., Dobrovolski R., Nekaris K.A.I., Nijman V., Rylands A.B., Maisels F., Williamson E.A., Bicca-Marques J., Fuentes A., Jerusalinsky L., Johnson S., de Melo F.R., Oliveira L., Schwitzer C., Roos C., Cheyne S.M., Kierulff M.C.M., Raharivololona B., Talebi M., Ratsimbazafy J., Supriatna J., Boonratana R., Wedana M., Setiawan A.
Public Authority and Conservation in Areas of Armed Conflict: Virunga National Park as a ‘State within a State’ in Eastern Congo
Marijnen E.
Quantifying local community voices in the decision-making process: insights from the Mount Cameroon National Park REDD+ project
Awung N.S., Marchant R.
Red list of the endemic and range-restricted vascular plants of Burundi
Ntore S., Fischer E., Sosef M.S.M.
Relationships between gastrointestinal parasite infections and the fecal microbiome in free-ranging western lowland gorillas
Vl?ková K., Paf?o B., Petrželková K.J., Modrý D., Todd A., Yeoman C.J., Torralba M., Wilson B.A., Stumpf R.M., White B.A., Nelson K.E., Leigh S.R., Gomez A.
Seasonal Change in Diet and Habitat Use in Wild Mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx)
Hongo S., Nakashima Y., Akomo-Okoue E.F., Mindonga-Nguelet F.L.
Shifting through the forest: home range, movement patterns, and diet of the eastern chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda
Moore J.F., Mulindahabi F., Gatorano G., Niyigaba P., Ndikubwimana I., Cipolletta C., Masozera M.K.
Survey and diagnosis of capital assets and livelihood strategies of households depending on resources of the Luki Biosphere Reserve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo [Enquete et etude de diagnostic des capitaux et strategies d'existence des menages dependants des ressources de la Reserve de Biosphere de Luki en Republique Democratique du Congo]
Desclee D., Michel B., Trefoil T.
Taxonomic studies on the cricket subfamilies Pteroplistinae, Phaloriinae and Cacoplistinae (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from the Old World
Gorochov A.V.
The AfriSAR Campaign: Tomographic Analysis with Phase-Screen Correction for P-Band Acquisitions
Wasik V., Dubois-Fernandez P.C., Taillandier C., Saatchi S.S.
The counterinsurgency/conservation nexus: guerrilla livelihoods and the dynamics of conflict and violence in the Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Verweijen J., Marijnen E.
The genus cola (Malvaceae) in Cameroon’s Korup national park, with two novelties
Kenfack D., Sainge M.N., Chuyong G.B., Thomas D.W.
The impact of endogenous content, replicates and pooling on genome capture from faecal samples
Hernandez-Rodriguez J., Arandjelovic M., Lester J., de Filippo C., Weihmann A., Meyer M., Angedakin S., Casals F., Navarro A., Vigilant L., Kühl H.S., Langergraber K., Boesch C., Hughes D., Marques-Bonet T.
The perceived forms and drivers of forest dependence at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Munanura I.E., Backman K.F., Sabuhoro E., Powell R.B., Hallo J.C.
The protection of Virunga National Park in the Butembo region (D.R. Congo): "Sustainable development" or "human development"? [La protection du Parc national des Virunga en région de Butembo (R. D. Congo): Développement durable ou développement des populations?]
Vikanza P.K.
The quality and performance nexus of the community-based ecotourism enterprises at Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda: a total quality management perspective
Munanura I.E., Tumwesigye B., Sabuhoro E., Mariza D., Rugerinyange L.
The relationship between the abundance of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) and its habitat: A conservation concern in Mbam-Djerem National Park, Cameroon
Kamgang S.A., Bobo K.S., Maisels F., Ambahe R.D.D., Ambassa Ongono D.E., Gonder M.K., Johnson P., Marino J., Sinsin B.
The tropical African genus Morgenia (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Phaneropterinae) with emphasis on the spur at the mid tibia
Massa B., Heller K.-G., Warcha?owska-?liwa E., Moulin N.
To the knowledge of the genus Gephyrazetes (Acari, Oribatida, Mochlozetidae)
Ermilov S.G., Starý J.
Towards effective monitoring of tropical phenology: maximizing returns and reducing uncertainty in long-term studies
Bush E.R., Bunnefeld N., Dimoto E., Dikangadissi J.-T., Jeffery K., Tutin C., White L., Abernethy K.A.

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