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Tree diversity of the Dja Faunal Reserve, southeastern Cameroon
Sonké B., Couvreur T.L.P.
Use of tool sets by chimpanzees for multiple purposes in Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Gabon
Wilfried E.E.G., Yamagiwa J.
Using Genetic Profiles of African Forest Elephants to Infer Population Structure, Movements, and Habitat Use in a Conservation and Development Landscape in Gabon
Eggert L.S., Buij R., Lee M.E., Campbell P., Dallmeier F., Fleischer R.C., Alonso A., Maldonado J.E.
Using the regression estimator with landsat data to estimate proportion forest cover and net proportion deforestation in gabon
Sannier C., McRoberts R.E., Fichet L.-V., Makaga E.M.K.
Whose environmental justice? Exploring local and global perspectives in a payments for ecosystem services scheme in Rwanda
Martin A., Gross-Camp N., Kebede B., McGuire S., Munyarukaza J.
A comparison of regression-based estimates of dung decay in two African forest duiker species (Philantomba monticola, Cephalophus Ogilbyi)
Viquerat S., Bobo K.S., Kiffner C., Waltert M.
A comparison of scenarios for rural development planning and conservation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Nackoney J., Williams D.
A longitudinal study on feeding behaviour and activity patterns of released chimpanzees in Conkouati-Douli National Park, Republic of Congo
Renaud A., Jamart A., Goossens B., Ross C.
Assessing cameroon REDD+ potential through a participatory method: Case study of akak community forest
Essomba E.P., Amougou J.A., Mbianda F.
Assessment of the amphibians of Batéké Plateau National Park, Gabon, including results of chytrid pathogen tests
Zimkus B.M., Larson J.G.
Bats (Chiroptera) from the Albertine Rift, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with the description of two new species of the Rhinolophus maclaudi group
Kerbis Peterhans J.C., Fahr J., Huhndorf M.H., Kaleme P., Plumptre A.J., Marks B.D., Kizungu R.
Biodiversity gap analysis of the protected area system in poorly-documented Chad
Brugière D., Scholte P.
Biogeographical and anthropogenic determinants of landscape-scale patterns of raptors in West African savannas
Buij R., Croes B.M., Komdeur J.
Changes in lion (Panthera leo) home range size in Waza National Park, Cameroon
Tumenta P.N., van't Zelfde M., Croes B.M., Buij R., Funston P.J., Udo de Haes H.A., De Iongh H.H.
Conservation Priorities for Prunus africana Defined with the Aid of Spatial Analysis of Genetic Data and Climatic Variables
Vinceti B., Loo J., Gaisberger H., van Zonneveld M.J., Schueler S., Konrad H., Kadu C.A.C., Geburek T.
Continental-scale conservation prioritization of African dragonflies
Simaika J.P., Samways M.J., Kipping J., Suhling F., Dijkstra K.D.B., Clausnitzer V., Boudot J.-P., Domisch S.
Creating a brighter future in Rwanda through entertainment education
Barker K., Connolly S., Angelone C.
Crop Expansion and Conservation Priorities in Tropical Countries
Phalan B., Bertzky M., Butchart S.H.M., Donald P.F., Scharlemann J.P.W., Stattersfield A.J., Balmford A.
Density of herbaceous plants and distribution of western gorillas in different habitat types in south-east Cameroon
Willie J., Petre C.-A., Tagg N., Lens L.
Dependency on natural resources: Post-conflict challenges for livelihoods security and environmental sustainability in Goma, The Democratic Republic of Congo [La dépendance aux ressources naturelles: Les défis d'aprés-conflit pour la sécurité des moyens d'existence et pour la durabilité environnementale á Goma, République Démocratique du Congo]
Ijang T.P., Cleto N.

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