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Hemi-epiphytic ficus (Moraceae) in a congolese forest
Ndolo Ebika S.T., Morgan D., Sanz C., Harris D.J.
Human seroprevalence indicating hantavirus infections in tropical rainforests of Côte d'Ivoire and Democratic Republic of Congo
Witkowski P.T., Leendertz S.A.J., Auste B., Akoua-Koffi C., Schubert G., Klempa B., Muyembe-Tamfum J.-J., Karhemere S., Leendertz F.H., Krüger D.H.
Impact of fine-scale edaphic heterogeneity on tree species assembly in a central African rainforest
Vleminckx J., Drouet T., Amani C., Lisingo J., Lejoly J., Hardy O.J.
Interactive simulations with a stylized scale model to codesign with villagers an agent-based model of bushmeat hunting in the periphery of korup national park (Cameroon)
Le Page C., Bobo K.S., Kamgaing T.O.W., Ngahane B.F., Waltert M.
Inventory of potential vectors of trypanosoma and infection rate of the tsetse fly in the national park of Ivindo, Gabon
Mbang Nguema O.A., Mavoungou J.F., Mawili-Mboumba D.P., Zinga Koumba R.C., Bouyou-Akotet M.K., M’Batchi B.
Isolation of multiple drug-resistant enteric bacteria from feces of wild Western Lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in Gabon
Mbehang Nguema P.P., Okubo T., Tsuchida S., Fujita S., Yamagiwa J., Tamura Y., Ushida K.
Large-scale extinction of large carnivores (lion Panthera leo, cheetah Acinonyx jubatus and wild dog Lycaon pictus) in protected areas of West and Central Africa
Brugière D., Chardonnet B., Scholte P.
Leaky nitrogen cycle in pristine African montane rainforest soil
Rütting T., Cizungu Ntaboba L., Roobroeck D., Bauters M., Huygens D., Boeckx P.
Lion (Panthera leo) populations are declining rapidly across Africa, except in intensively managed areas
Bauer H., Chapron G., Nowell K., Henschel P., Funston P., Hunter L.T.B., Macdonald D.W., Packer C.
Locating chimpanzee nests and identifying fruiting trees with an unmanned aerial vehicle
van Andel A.C., Wich S.A., Boesch C., Koh L.P., Robbins M.M., Kelly J., Kuehl H.S.
Medicinal plants of the mountain region of Kahuzi-Biega in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Uses, accessibility and consensus among traditional therapists [Les plantes médicinales de la région montagneuse de Kahuzi-Biega en République démocratique du Congo: Utilisation, accessibilité et consensus des tradipraticiens]
Shalukoma C., Bogaert J., Duez P., Stévigny C., Pongombo C., Visser M.
New evidence for hybrid zones of forest and savanna elephants in Central and West Africa
Mondol S., Moltke I., Hart J., Keigwin M., Brown L., Stephens M., Wasser S.K.
Novel candidatus rickettsia species detected in nostril tick from human, gabon, 2014
Lopez-Velez R., Palomar A.M., Oteo J.A., Norman F.F., Pérez-Molina J.A., Portillo A.
Phytochemical screening of food plants eaten by sympatric apes (gorilla beringei graueri and pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) inhabiting kahuzi-biega national park, democratic republic of congo) and their potential effect on gastro intestinal parasites
Kamungu S., Basabose K., Bagalwa M., Bagalwa B., Murhabale B., Yamagiwa J.
Political shifts and changing forests: Effects of armed conflict on forest conservation in Rwanda
Ordway E.M.
Power Relations and Cassava: Conservation and Development in Cameroon
Tafon R., Saunders F.P.
Preliminary assessment for the use of VORIS as a tool for rapid lava flow simulation at Goma Volcano Observatory, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Syavulisembo A.M., Havenith H.-B., Smets B., D'Oreye N., Marti J.
Preliminary checklist and state of conservation of butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) of the caldera de Lubá, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
Martín I.
Pyrethrum in Rwanda
Mureramanzi J., Bizimungu G.
Rediscovery, natural history, and conservation status of Idiocranium russeli Parker, 1936 (Amphibia: Gymnophiona: Indotyphlidae)
Gower D.J., Kouete M.T., Doherty-Bone T.M., Ndeme E.S., Wilkinson M.

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