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Hymenophyllum senterreanum Dubuisson & Deblauwe, sp. nov. (Hymenophyllaceae) and its relatives in western Central Africa
Dubuisson J.-Y., Hennequin S., Droissart V., Deblauwe V.
Impact of gun-hunting on monkey species and implications for primate conservation on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
Cronin D.T., Riaco C., Linder J.M., Bergl R.A., Gonder M.K., O'Connor M.P., Hearn G.W.
In praise of parks
[No author name available]
Investigating the role of the local community as co-managers of the mount Cameroon national park conservation project
Awung N.S., Marchant R.
Land-use change outweighs projected effects of changing rainfall on tree cover in sub-Saharan Africa
Aleman J.C., Blarquez O., Staver C.A.
Mapping Bushmeat Hunting Pressure in Central Africa
Ziegler S., Fa J.E., Wohlfart C., Streit B., Jacob S., Wegmann M.
Molecular epidemiological study of adenovirus infecting western lowland gorillas and humans in and around Moukalaba-Doudou National Park (Gabon)
Nkogue C.N., Horie M., Fujita S., Ogino M., Kobayashi Y., Mizukami K., Masatani T., Ezzikouri S., Matsuu A., Mizutani T., Ozawa M., Yamato O., Ngomanda A., Yamagiwa J., Tsukiyama-Kohara K.
Mosses in the Family Pottiaceae Newly Reported for the Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, West Africa
Sollman P., Shevock J.R., Garcia C.A.
Multigene Sequencing Provides a Suitable Epitype, Barcode Sequences and a Precise Systematic Position for the Enigmatic, African Cantharellus miniatescens
Buyck B., Henkel T.W., Dentinger B.T.M., Séné O., Hofstetter V.
Natural resources and household incomes among rural women: Analysis of communities domiciled near national parks in rwanda
Mutandwa E., Wibabara S.
New species of Elaphomyces (Elaphomycetaceae, Eurotiales, Ascomycota) from tropical rainforests of Cameroon and Guyana
Castellano M.A., Dentinger B.T.M., Séné O., Elliott T.F., Truong C., Henkel T.W.
New species of Uvariopsis (Annonaceae) and Laccosperma (Arecaceae/Palmae) from Monts de Cristal, Gabon
Couvreur T.L.P., Niangadouma R.
Non-invasive genetic identification confirms the presence of the Endangered okapi Okapia johnstoni south-west of the Congo River
Stanton D.W.G., Hart J., Vosper A., Kümpel N.F., Wang J., Ewen J.G., Bruford M.W.
Non-mourning and ecocritical ethics in Véronique Tadjo's the Shadow of Imana: Travels in the Heart of Rwanda
Hemsley F.
Perceptions of crop raiding: effects of land tenure and agro-industry on human–wildlife conflict
Mc Guinness S.K.
Perceptions of tourism revenue sharing impacts on Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda: a Sustainable Livelihoods framework
Munanura I.E., Backman K.F., Hallo J.C., Powell R.B.
Peri-urban conservation in the Mondah forest of Libreville, Gabon: Red List assessments of endemic plant species, and avoiding protected area downsizing
Walters G., Ngagnia Ndjabounda E., Ikabanga D., Biteau J.P., Hymas O., White L.J.T., Ndong Obiang A.-M., Ndong Ondo P., Jeffery K.J., Lachenaud O., Stévart T.
Personality in wild bonobos (Pan paniscus)
Garai C., Weiss A., Arnaud C., Furuichi T.
Power, policy and the Prunus africana bark trade, 1972-2015
Cunningham A., Anoncho V.F., Sunderland T.
Producing hybrid forests in the Congo Basin: A political ecology of the landscape approach to conservation
Clay N.

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