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An African glass frog: A new Hyperolius species (Anura: Hyperoliidae) from Nyungwe National Park, Southern Rwanda
Maximilian Dehling J.
Anthropisation and edge effects: Impacts on the diversity of rodents in the Masako Forest Reserve (Kisangani, DR Congo) [Anthropisation et effets de lisière: Impacts sur la diversité des rongeurs dans la Réserve Forestière de Masako (Kisangani, R.D. Congo)]
Mongo L.I.W., Visser M., de Cannière C., Verheyen E., Akaibe B.D., Ali-Patho J.U., Bogaert J.
Bonobos apparently search for a lost member injured by a snare
Tokuyama N., Emikey B., Bafike B., Isolumbo B., Iyokango B., Mulavwa M.N., Furuichi T.
Bushmeat trade in the Cross-Sanaga rivers region: Evidence for the importance of protected areas
Macdonald D.W., Johnson P.J., Albrechtsen L., Seymour S., Dupain J., Hall A., Fa J.E.
Carbon pools of an intact forest in Gabon
Gautam S., Pietsch S.A.
Challenges and opportunities for smallholder livestock production in post-conflict South Kivu, eastern DR Congo
Maass B.L., Musale D.K., Chiuri W.L., Gassner A., Peters M.
Conservation implications following the rediscovery of four frog species from the Itombwe Natural Reserve, Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo
Greenbaum E., Kusamba C.
Correlates of Bushmeat Hunting among Remote Rural Households in Gabon, Central Africa
Foerster S., Wilkie D.S., Morelli G.A., Demmer J., Starkey M., Telfer P., Steil M., Lewbel A.
Distribution and DNA conservation of Sapindaceae juss. in western Africa
Adeyemi T.O., Ogundipe O.T., Olowokudejo J.D.
Diversity and conservation value of Gabon's savanna and inselberg open vegetation: An initial gap analysis
Walters G., Parmentier I., Stévart T.
Driving the great apes to extinction: Perspectives from conservation biology, politics, and bioethics
Benz-Schwarzburg J., Benz S.
Earthworms (Clitellata: Acanthodrilidae, almidae, eudrilidae, glossoscolecidae, ocnerodrilidae) of the coastal region of Gamba, Ogooué-maritime Province, southwestern Gabon
James S.W., Divina G.B.
Emergence of pastoral systems in Chadian savannah: For what territorial and social integration? [Émergence des systèmes pastoraux en savane tchadienne : Pour quelle intégration territoriale et sociale ?]
Sougnabé P., Grimaud P.
Estimating forest duiker (Cephalophinae) density in korup national park: A case study on the performance of three line transect methods
Viquerat S.M.A., Bobo K.S., Mller M., Kiffner C., Waltert M.
Game over! Wildlife collapse in northern Central African Republic
Bouché P., Nzapa Mbeti Mange R., Tankalet F., Zowoya F., Lejeune P., Vermeulen C.
Genetic Sampling of Unhabituated Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) in Gishwati Forest Reserve, an Isolated Forest Fragment in Western Rwanda
Chancellor R.L., Langergraber K., Ramirez S., Rundus A.S., Vigilant L.
Gilbertiodendron newberyi (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae), a new tree species from Korup National Park, Cameroon
van der Burgt X.M., Eyakwe M., Motoh J.
Household dependence on forests around Lobeke National Park, Cameroon
Tieguhong J.C., Nkamgnia E.M.
Human-Elephant Conflict Around Bénoué National Park, Cameroon: Influence on Local Attitudes and Implications for Conservation
Granados A., Weladji R.B.
Intrasite variation in the ability to detect tropical forest mammals
Breuer T., Breuer-Ndoundou Hockemba M.

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