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A case study of improved cook stoves in primate conservation from Democratic Republic of Congo
Kahlenberg S.M., Bettinger T., Masumbuko H.K., Basyanirya G.K., Guy S.M., Katsongo J.K., Kocanjer N., Warfield L., Mbeke J.K.
A cryptic new species of Chlidonoptera karsch, 1892 from the south west protected zone of the Central African Republic (Insecta, mantodea, hymenopodidae)
Moulin N.
A microdynamics approach to geographies of violence: Mapping the kill chain in militarized conservation areas
Verweijen J.
A partnership to build scientific capacity of Rwanda's future conservationists: The Memoirs Program
Eckardt W., Tuyisingize D., van der Hoek Y., Tolbert S., Stoinski T.S., Ndagijimana F., Kaplin B.A., Mudakikwa A., Lukas K.
A survey of snakes in the patte d’oie forest reserve (Brazzaville, republic of congo): An urban snake community in central africa
Zassi-Boulou A.G., Tchimbakala J.G., Mavoungou L.B., Jackson K.
Abundance, density, and social structure of African forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis) in a human-modified landscape in southwestern Gabon
Brand C.M., Johnson M.B., Parker L.D., Maldonado J.E., Korte L., Vanthomme H., Alonso A., Ruiz-Lopez M.J., Wells C.P., Ting N.
An annotated checklist of the fish fauna of the river systems draining the Kahuzi-Biega National Park (Upper Congo: Eastern DR Congo)
Kisekelwa T., Snoeks J., Vreven E.
Anthropogenic modification of forests means only 40% of remaining forests have high ecosystem integrity
Grantham H.S., Duncan A., Evans T.D., Jones K.R., Beyer H.L., Schuster R., Walston J., Ray J.C., Robinson J.G., Callow M., Clements T., Costa H.M., DeGemmis A., Elsen P.R., Ervin J., Franco P., Goldman E., Goetz S., Hansen A., Hofsvang E., Jantz P., Jupiter S., Kang A., Langhammer P., Laurance W.F., Lieberman S., Linkie M., Malhi Y., Maxwell S., Mendez M., Mittermeier R., Murray N.J., Possingham H., Radachowsky J., Saatchi S., Samper C., Silverman J., Shapiro A., Strassburg B., Stevens T., Stokes E., Taylor R., Tear T., Tizard R., Venter O., Visconti P., Wang S., Watson J.E.M.
Apex predators decline after an influx of pastoralists in former Central African Republic hunting zones
Aebischer T., Ibrahim T., Hickisch R., Furrer R.D., Leuenberger C., Wegmann D.
Assessing attitudes towards gorilla conservation via employee interviews
Robbins M.M.
Assessment of in situ nest decay rate for chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes ellioti Matschie, 1914) in Mbam-Djerem National Park, Cameroon: implications for long-term monitoring
Kamgang S.A., Carme T.C., Bobo K.S., Abwe E.E., Gonder M.K., Sinsin B.
Behavioural diversity of bonobo prey preference as a potential cultural trait
Samuni L., Wegdell F., Surbeck M.
Birds of Burhinyi mountain forest, North of Itombwe Nature Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo
Murhabale B.C., Bwanamudogo I., Magadju A., Tolbert S., Bapeamoni F., Kahindo C., Marks B.D., Agenong’a U.
Boots on the ground: The role of passive acoustic monitoring in evaluating anti-poaching patrols
Astaras C., Linder J.M., Wrege P., Orume R., Johnson P.J., MacDonald D.W.
Bringing the tracker-guards back in: Arms-carrying markets and quests for status in conservation at war
Lombard L., Tubiana J.
Bushmeat hunting around Lomami National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Batumike R., Imani G., Urom C., Cuni-Sanchez A.
Chimpanzee ranging responses to fruit availability in a high-elevation environment
Green S.J., Boruff B.J., Niyigaba P., Ndikubwimana I., Grueter C.C.
Climatic and Resource Determinants of Forest Elephant Movements
Beirne C., Meier A.C., Brumagin G., Jasperse-Sjolander L., Lewis M., Masseloux J., Myers K., Fay M., Okouyi J., White L.J.T., Poulsen J.R.
Combined effects of land use and hunting on distributions of tropical mammals
Gallego-Zamorano J., Benítez-López A., Santini L., Hilbers J.P., Huijbregts M.A.J., Schipper A.M.
Combining local knowledge and occupancy analysis for a rapid assessment of the forest elephant loxodonta cyclotis in Cameroon's timber production forests
Brittain S., Bata M.N., De Ornellas P., Milner-Gull E.J., Rowcliffe M.

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