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A zoo-led study of the great ape bushmeat commodity chain in Cameroon
Tagg N., Maddison N., Dupain J., Mcgilchrist L., Mouamfon M., Mccabe G., Ngo Badjeck M.M., Tchouankep M., Mbohli D., Epanda M.A., Ransom C., Fa J.E.
An elusive record exposed: radiocarbon chronology of late Holocene human settlement in the northern Congo Basin, southern Central African Republic
Lupo K.D., Kiahtipes C.A., Schmitt D.N., Ndanga J.-P., Craig Young D., Simiti B.
Anaerobic Fungi in Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) Feces: an Adaptation to a High-Fiber Diet?
Schulz D., Qablan M.A., Profousova-Psenkova I., Vallo P., Fuh T., Modry D., Piel A.K., Stewart F., Petrzelkova K.J., Fliegerová K.
Are ranger patrols effective in reducing poaching-related threats within protected areas?
Moore J.F., Mulindahabi F., Masozera M.K., Nichols J.D., Hines J.E., Turikunkiko E., Oli M.K.
Are soils under monodominant Gilbertiodendron dewevrei and under adjacent mixed forests similar? A case study in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Lokonda M., Freycon V., Gourlet-Fleury S., Kombele F.
Assessing the drivers of land use change in the Rumpi hills forest protected area, Cameroon
Beckline M., Yujun S., Etongo D., Saeed S., Mannan A.
Assessing the effectiveness of protected areas on floristic diversity in tropical forests
Ekoungoulou R., Folega F., Mukete B., Ifo S.A., Loumeto J.J., Liu X.D., Niu S.K.
Assessment of the gorilla gut virome in association with natural simian immunodeficiency virus infection
D'arc M., Furtado C., Siqueira J.D., Seuánez H.N., Ayouba A., Peeters M., Soares M.A.
Libby S.
Chinko/Mbari drainage basin represents a conservation hotspot for Eastern Derby eland in Central Africa
Brandlová K., Gloneková M., Hejcmanová P., J?nková Vymyslická P., Aebischer T., Hickisch R., Mallon D.
Comparison of Small-and Large-Footprint Lidar Characterization of Tropical Forest Aboveground Structure and Biomass: A Case Study from Central Gabon
Silva C.A., Saatchi S., Garcia M., Labriere N., Klauberg C., Ferraz A., Meyer V., Jeffery K.J., Abernethy K., White L., Zhao K., Lewis S.L., Hudak A.T.
Conservation of the endemic species of the Albertine Rift under future climate change
Ayebare S., Plumptre A.J., Kujirakwinja D., Segan D.
Contribution and stability of forest-derived soil organic carbon during woody encroachment in a tropical savanna. A case study in Gabon
Chiti T., Rey A., Jeffery K., Lauteri M., Mihindou V., Malhi Y., Marzaioli F., White L.J.T., Valentini R.
Contribution to the knowledge of the oribatid mite genus Cavernocepheus (Acari, Oribatida, Otocepheidae)
Ermilov S.G., Starý J.
Distinguishing vegetation types with airborne waveform lidar data in a tropical forest-savanna mosaic: A case study in Lopé National Park, Gabon
Marselis S.M., Tang H., Armston J.D., Calders K., Labrière N., Dubayah R.
Distribution modeling and lineage diversity of the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) in a central African amphibian hotspot
Miller C.A., Canis Tasse Taboue G., Ekane M.M.P., Robak M., Sesink Clee P.R., Richards-Zawacki C., Fokam E.B., Fuashi N.A., Anthony N.M.
Diversity and community composition of herbaceous plants in different habitat types in south-east Cameroon
Willie J., Tagg N., Lens L.
Diversity and distribution of millipedes (Diplopoda) in the Campo Ma'an National Park, southern Cameroon
Mbenoun Masse P.S., Nzoko Fiemapong A.R., VandenSpiegel D., Golovatch S.I.
Diversity of Entamoeba spp. in African great apes and humans: an insight from Illumina MiSeq high-throughput sequencing
Vl?ková K., Kreisinger J., Paf?o B., ?ížková D., Tagg N., Hehl A.B., Modrý D.
Ecological consequences of forest elephant declines for Afrotropical forests
Poulsen J.R., Rosin C., Meier A., Mills E., Nuñez C.L., Koerner S.E., Blanchard E., Callejas J., Moore S., Sowers M.

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