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Description of three new species of Hylopanchax Poll & Lambert, 1965 from the central Congo Basin (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae: Procatopodini) with a redefinition of the genus
Van Der Zee J.R., Sonnenberg R., Schliewen U.K.
Diversité des Fougères et leurs alliées le long du gradient altitudinal au sein de l'écosystème forestier des montagnes du Parc National de Kahuzi-Biega (RD CONGO)
Mokoso J.M., Habiyaremye F.M., Janssen T., van Diggelen R., Robbrecht E., Habimana H.N.
Diversity and conservation value of Gabon's savanna and inselberg open vegetation: An initial gap analysis
Walters G., Parmentier I., Stévart T.
Diversity of leaf katydids (orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae) of dzanga-ndoki national park, central african republic, with selected records from other African countries
Massa B.
Diversity, structural parameters and non-timber forest products in the forest reserve of bonepoupa (Douala, Cameroon) [Diversidade, parâmetros estruturais e produtos florestais não madeireiros na reserva florestal de bonepoupa (Douala, Camarões)]
Kamdem J.P., Priso J.R., Ndongo D.
Dry-season grazing strategy of an elephant population in zakouma park in chad [Stratégie de pâturage d'une population d'élé phants en saison sèche : Le cas du parc de Zakouma au Tchad]
Poilecot D.P., Saïdi S., Daget P.
Earth observation: Overlooked potential to support species reintroduction programmes
Freemantle T.P., Wacher T., Newby J., Pettorelli N.
Effective sociodemographic population assessment of elusive species in ecology and conservation management
Head J.S., Boesch C., Robbins M.M., Rabanal L.I., Makaga L., Kühl H.S.
Elephant effect on forest physical structure and plant species composition in Salonga and Malebo (Lac Tumba landscape), Democratic Republic of Congo
Inogwabini B.-I., Ngama-Nkosi M., Wema-Wema L., Longwango M.
Fences divide lion conservationists
Watson T.
First documented record of Thrasops jacksonii Günther, 1895 (Squamata: Colubridae) in Gabon
Carlino P., Pauwels O.S.G.
Fishes of the Salonga National Park (Congo basin, Central Africa): A list of species collected in the Luilaka, Salonga, and Yenge Rivers (Equateur province, democratic republic of Congo)
Monsembula Iyaba R.J.C., Stiassny M.L.J.
Forest elephants: Fission-fusion and social arenas
Fishlock V., Lee P.C.
Fragmented populations of leopards in west-central Africa: Facing an uncertain future
Toni P., Lodé T.
Herbivores equalize the seedling height growth of three dominant tree species in an African tropical rain forest
Norghauer J.M., Newbery D.M.
Here today, here tomorrow: Beached timber in Gabon, a persistent threat to nesting sea turtles
Pikesley S.K., Agamboue P.D., Bonguno E.A., Boussamba F., Cardiec F., Michael Fay J., Formia A., Godley B.J., Laurance W.F., Mabert B.D.K., Mills C., Mounguengui G.A.M., Moussounda C., Ngouessono S., Parnell R.J., Sounguet G.-P., Verhage B., White L., Witt M.J.
Impact of Sericostachys scandens on forest regeneration in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, D.R.Congo
Ndabaga C.M., Muhashy F.H., Lejoly J.
Impact of the spatial structure of Strombosia scheffleri Engl. and Xymalos monospora (Harv.) Baill. On natural regeneration and coexistence of tree species in the Bururi forest nature reserve in Burundi [Impact de la structure spatiale de Strombosia scheffleri Engl. et Xymalos monospora (Harv.) Baill. Sur la régénération naturelle et la coexistence des espèces arborescentes dans la réserve naturelle forestière de Bururi, Burundi]
Havyarimana F., Bogaert J., Ndayishimiye J., Barima S.S.Y., Bigendako M.-J., Lejoly J., De Cannière C.
Lentinus cystidiatus sp. nov. (Polyporaceae): An African lentinoid fungus with an unusual combination of both skeleto-ligative hyphae and pleurocystidia
Njouonkou A.-L., Watling R., Degreef J.
Lion predation on livestock and native wildlife in Waza National Park, northern Cameroon
Tumenta P.N., Visser H.D., Rijssel J.V., Müller L., De Iongh H.H., Funston P.J., De Haes H.A.U.

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