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Sirdavidia, an extraordinary new genus of Annonaceae from Gabon
Couvreur T.L.P., Niangadouma R., Sonké B., Sauquet H.
Testing the water: detecting artificial water points using freely available satellite data and open source software
Owen H.J.F., Duncan C., Pettorelli N.
The crumbling fortress: Territory, access, and subjectivity production in Waza National Park, Northern Cameroon
Kelly A.B.
The distribution of Wolbachia in Cubitermes (Termitidae, Termitinae) castes and colonies: A modelling approach
Roy V., Girondot M., Harry M.
The place of Irvingia gabonensis in village communities around the Lobeke National Park in Cameroon
Caspa R.G., Tchouamo I.R., Mweru J.P.M., Amang J.M., Ngwa M.N.
The Privatization of the Nyungwe National Park Buffer Zone and Implications for Adjacent Communities
Gross-Camp N.D., Martin A., McGuire S., Kebede B.
The state of emergency care in Democratic Republic of Congo
Kalisya L.M., Salmon M., Manwa K., Muller M.M., Diango K., Zaidi R., Wendel S.K., Reynolds T.A.
The tropical African genus Crotonogynopsis (Euphorbiaceae), with two new species
Kenfack D., Gereau R.E., Thomas D.W., Sainge M.N.
Tool use for food acquisition in a wild mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei)
Kinani J.-F., Zimmerman D.
Touristic development of the La Lopé National Park (Gabon) in light of the SWOT analysis
J?drusik M., Lisowski A., Mouketou-Tarazewicz D., Ropivia M.-L., Zagajewski B.
Tree size and fecundity influence ballistic seed dispersal of two dominant mast-fruiting species in a tropical rain forest
Norghauer J.M., Newbery D.M.
Tropical deforestation and carbon emissions from Protected Area Downgrading, Downsizing, And Degazettement (PADDD)
Forrest J.L., Mascia M.B., Pailler S., Abidin S.Z., Araujo M.D., Krithivasan R., Riveros J.C.
Wild meat consumption on São Tomé Island, West Africa: Implications for conservation and local livelihoods
Carvalho M., Rego F., Palmeirim J.M., Fa J.E.
Wildlife use and the role of taboos in the conservation of wildlife around the Nkwende Hills Forest Reserve; South-west Cameroon
Bobo K.S., Aghomo F.F.M., Ntumwel B.C.
Will passive protection save Congo forests?
Galford G.L., Soares-Filho B.S., Sonter L.J., Laporte N.
A new species of Dystacta Saussure, 1871 from Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda (Insecta, Mantodea, Dystactinae)
Tedrow R., Nathan K., Richard N., Svenson G.J.
Above-ground carbon assessment in the Kom-Mengamé forest conservation complex, South Cameroon: Exploring the potential of managing forests for biodiversity and carbon
Fongnzossie E.F., Sonwa D.J., Kemeuze V., Auzel P., Nkongmeneck B.-A.
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: Discovery of a large, continuous population of Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii in the Central Uele region of northern DRC
Hicks T.C., Tranquilli S., Kuehl H., Campbell G., Swinkels J., Darby L., Boesch C., Hart J., Menken S.B.J.
Acoustic structure and variation in mountain and western gorilla close calls: A syntactic approach
Hedwig D., Robbins M.M., Mundry R., Hammerschmidt K., Boesch C.
African forest elephant social networks: Fission-fusion dynamics, but fewer associations
Schuttler S.G., Whittaker A., Jeffery K.J., Eggert L.S.

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