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Two Genera and Nineteen Species of Fruit-Feeding Erebid Moths (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) Recorded in Cameroon for the First Time
Maicher V., Sáfián S., Ishmeal K.N., Murkwe M., Kimbeng T.J., Jane?ek Š., Tropek R.
Two new records of palm species for Gabon: Sclerosperma profizianum Valk. & Sunder. and Eremospatha quiquecostulata Becc.
Bourobou P.H.B., Niangadouma R., Issembe Y., Couvreur T.L.P.
Two new species of the Lace-bug genus Agachila from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Tingidae)
Lis B., Lis J.A.
Using Africa's protected area network to estimate the global population of a threatened and declining species: A case study of the Critically Endangered White-headed Vulture Trigonoceps occipitalis
Murn C., Mundy P., Virani M.Z., Borello W.D., Holloway G.J., Thiollay J.-M.
Using drone technology to map village lands in protected areas of the democratic republic of Congo [Cartographie de la dynamique de terroirs villageois à l'aide d'un drone dans les aires protégées de la République démocratique du Congo]
Ngabinzeke J.S., Linchant J., Quevauvillers S., Muhongya J.-M.K., Lejeune P., Vermeulen C.
Using encounter rates as surrogates for density estimates makes monitoring of heavily-traded grey parrots achievable across Africa
Marsden S.J., Loqueh E., Takuo J.M., Hart J.A., Abani R., Ahon D.B., Annorbah N.N.D., Johnson R., Valle S.
Validating faecal glucocorticoid metabolite analysis in the Virunga mountain gorilla using a natural biological stressor
Eckardt W., Stoinski T.S., Rosenbaum S., Umuhoza M.R., Santymire R.
Windthrow pattern and regeneration of trees in the Ipassa biosphere reserve in Gabon
Obame Engone J.P., Bélanger L., Assame S.
A comprehensive view of global potential for hydro-generated electricity
Zhou Y., Hejazi M., Smith S., Edmonds J., Li H., Clarke L., Calvin K., Thomson A.
A database of global wetland validation samples for wetland mapping
Zheng Y., Niu Z., Gong P., Wang J.
A fine mess: Bricolaged forest governance in Cameroon
Ingram V., Ros-Tonen M.A.F., Dietz T.
A new species and new records of Dorstenia (Moraceae, Dorstenieae) from Rwanda, East Africa
Fischer E., Killmann D.
A review of the Silba admirabilis McAlpine species group (Diptera: Lonchaeidae) with descriptions of thirteen new species from the Afrotropical region
MacGowan I.
A survey of the praying mantises of Rwanda, including new records (Insecta, Mantodea)
Tedrow R., Nathan K., Richard N., Svenson G.J.
A synopsis of soyauxia (Peridiscaceae, formerly medusandraceae) with a new species from liberia
Breteler F.J., Bakker F.T., Jongkind C.C.H.
A tsetse and tabanid fly survey of African great apes habitats reveals the presence of a novel trypanosome lineage but the absence of Trypanosoma brucei
Votýpka J., Rádrová J., Skalický T., Jirk? M., Jirsová D., Mihalca A.D., D'Amico G., Petrželková K.J., Modrý D., Lukeš J.
Adaptive Livelihood Strategies in Conservation-Induced Displacement: The Case of the Baka of East Cameroon
Awuh H.E.
Adenovirus and herpesvirus diversity in free-ranging great apes in the Sangha region of the Republic of Congo
Seimon T.A., Olson S.H., Lee K.J., Rosen G., Ondzie A., Cameron K., Reed P., Anthony S.J., Joly D.O., McAloose D., Lipkin W.I.
Behavioural ecology and group cohesion of juvenile western lowland gorillas (Gorilla g. gorilla) during rehabilitation in the Batéké Plateaux National Park, Gabon
Flohic G.L., Motsch P., DeNys H., Childs S., Courage A., King T.
Bird diversity in the savanna habitats of Akagera National Park, Rwanda, in the post-war recovery period
Gatali C., Wallin K.

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