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Land-cover change threatens tropical forests and biodiversity in the Littoral Region, Cameroon
Mahmoud M.I., Campbell M.J., Sloan S., Alamgir M., Laurance W.F.
Liana communities exhibit different species composition, diversity and community structure across forest types in the Congo Basin
Mumbanza F.M., Bauters M., Kearsley E., Boeckx P., Lubini C.A., Verbeeck H.
Ligneous stand structure of vegetation types of a protected landscape in the peri-urban zone of Lubumbashi city (DR Congo) [Structure des peuplements ligneux des formations végétales d'un paysage protégé en zone périurbaine de la ville de Lubumbashi (RD Congo)]
Long-term collapse in fruit availability threatens Central African forest megafauna
Bush E.R., Whytock R.C., Bahaa-El-din L., Bourgeois S., Bunnefeld N., Cardoso A.W., Dikangadissi J.T., Dimbonda P., Dimoto E., Ndong J.E., Jeffery K.J., Lehmann D., Makaga L., Momboua B., Momont L.R.W., Tutin C.E.G., White L.J.T., Whittaker A., Abernethy K.
Making space for birds: Sourcing solutions from the mountain gorilla conservation model in Rwanda
Rurangwa M.L., Whittaker R.J.
Mapping complex coastal wetland mosaics in Gabon for informed ecosystem management: use of object-based classification
Aldous A., Schill S., Raber G., Paiz M.-C., Mambela E., Stévart T.
Mapping suitable great ape habitat in and around the Lobéké National Park, South-East Cameroon
Ginath Yuh Y., N'Goran P.K., Dongmo Z.N., Tracz W., Tangwa E., Agunbiade M., Kühl H.S., Sop T., Fotang C.
Miombo woodland, an ecosystem at risk of disappearance in the Lufira Biosphere Reserve (Upper Katanga, DR Congo)? A 39-years analysis based on Landsat images
Sikuzani Y.U., Muteya H.K., Bogaert J.
Modern pollen–vegetation relationships within tropical marshes of Lopé National Park (Central Gabon)
Henga-Botsikabobe K., Ngomanda A., Oslisly R., Favier C., Muller S.D., Bremond L.
Molecular identification of different trypanosome species in tsetse flies caught in the wildlife reserve of Santchou in the western region of Cameroon
Kamdem C.N., Tiofack A.A.Z., Mewamba E.M., Ofon E.A., Gomseu E.B.D., Simo G.
Monitoring mega-crown leaf turnover from space
Bush E.R., Mitchard E.T.A., Silva T.S.F., Dimoto E., Dimbonda P., Makaga L., Abernethy K.
Morphological and molecular analyses reveal three new endemic species of the freshwater crab genus Buea Cumberlidge, Mvogo Ndongo, Clark & Daniels, 2019 (Crustacea: Brachyura: Potamonautidae) from a rainforest biodiversity hotspot in Cameroon, Central Africa
Mvogo Ndongo P.A., Von Rintelen T., Tomedi-Tabi Eyango M., Cumberlidge N.
Movement patterns of forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis Matschie, 1900) in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Republic of Congo
Molina-Vacas G., Muñoz-Mas R., Martínez-Capel F., Rodriguez-Teijeiro J.D., Le Fohlic G.
Multi-temporal forest cover change detection in the Metchie-Ngoum Protection Forest Reserve, West Region of Cameroon
Meli Fokeng R., Gadinga Forje W., Meli Meli V., Nyuyki Bodzemo B.
Orthoptera Tettigoniidae (Conocephalinae, Hexacentrinae, Phaneropterinae, Mecopodinae, Hetrodinae) from some protected areas of Central African Republic
Massa B., Annoyer P., Perez C., Danflous S., Duvot G.
Pangolins and bats living together in underground burrows in Lopé National Park, Gabon
Lehmann D., Halbwax M.L., Makaga L., Whytock R., Ndindiwe Malata L.-L., Bombenda Mouele W., Momboua B.R., Koumba Pambo A.F., White L.J.T.
Park, people and potatoes: the complicated culture of conservation
Mc Guinness S.
Perceptions and Behaviors of Indigenous Populations Regarding Illegal Use of Protected Area Resources in East Africa’s Mountain Gorilla Landscape
Sabuhoro E., Wright B.A., Powell R.B., Hallo J.C., Layton P.A., Munanura I.E.
Peste des petits ruminants at the wildlife–livestock interface in the northern Albertine Rift and Nile Basin, East Africa
Aguilar X.F., Mahapatra M., Begovoeva M., Kalema-Zikusoka G., Driciru M., Ayebazibwe C., Adwok D.S., Kock M., Lukusa J.-P.K., Muro J., Marco I., Colom-Cadena A., Espunyes J., Meunier N., Cabezón O., Caron A., Bataille A., Libeau G., Parekh K., Parida S., Kock R.
Pluralising Political Forests: Unpacking “the State” by Tracing Virunga's Charcoal Chain
Marijnen E., Verweijen J.

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