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Inventory of the big mammals of the Bay of Wali, in view of its tourist exploitation
Moustapha M., Mbete P., Boukoulou H., Akouango F., Ngokaka C., Vouidibio J.
Investigating diversity dependence of tropical forest litter decomposition: Experiments and observations from Central Africa
Peh K.S.-H., Sonké B., Taedoung H., Séné O., Lloyd J., Lewis S.L.
Is sport hunting a breakthrough wildlife conservation strategy for Africa? A case study of northern Cameroon
Yasuda A.
Just deliberation: Can communicative rationality support socially just environmental conservation in rural Africa?
Martin A., Rutagarama E.
Land stakes at risks in the Congo-DRC: Theoretical context and deviant practices [Enjeux fonciers à risques au Congo (RDC): Contexte théorique et pratiques déviantes]
Bruneau J.-C.
Life strategy traits of the liana Sericostachys scandens spreading in the montane forests in the Kahuzi-Biega national park (DR Congo)
Céphas M.N., Basile H., Nicolas B., François H.M., Jean L., Pierre M.
Mapping tropical forest biomass with radar and spaceborne LiDAR in Lopé National Park, Gabon: Overcoming problems of high biomass and persistent cloud
Mitchard E.T.A., Saatchi S.S., White L.J.T., Abernethy K.A., Jeffery K.J., Lewis S.L., Collins M., Lefsky M.A., Leal M.E., Woodhouse I.H., Meir P.
Model selection, zero-inflated models, and predictors of primate abundance in Korup National Park, Cameroon
Linder J.M., Lawler R.R.
Movement and occurrence of two elephant herds in a human-dominated landscape, the Bénoué Wildlife Conservation Area, Cameroon
Granados A., Weladji R.B., Loomis M.R.
Movement Patterns and Spatial Relationships Among African Forest Elephants
Schuttler S.G., Blake S., Eggert L.S.
New hope for the critically endangered São Tomé Grosbeak Neospiza concolor and an alert to protect Obô Natural Park surroundings
Solé N., Alberto A., Samba S., Santana A., de Lima R.F.
No evidence for transmission of antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli strains from humans to wild western lowland gorillas in Lopé National Park, Gabon
Benavides J.A., Godreuil S., Bodenham R., Ratiarison S., Devos C., Petretto M.-O., Raymond M., Escobar-Páramo P.
Noninvasive follow-up of simian immunodeficiency virus infection in wild-living nonhabituated western lowland gorillas in Cameroon
Etienne L., Locatelli S., Ayouba A., Esteban A., Butel C., Liegeois F., Aghokeng A., Delaporte E., Ngole E.M., Peeters M.
Payments for ecosystem services in an African protected area: Exploring issues of legitimacy, fairness, equity and effectiveness
Gross-Camp N.D., Martin A., McGuire S., Kebede B., Munyarukaza J.
Phytogeographical analysis and checklist of the vascular plants of Loango National Park, Gabon
Harris D.J., Armstrong K.E., Walters G.M., Wilks C., Mbembo J.-C.M., Niangadouma R., Wieringa J.J., Breteler F.J.
Quantifying forest cover loss in Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2000-2010, with Landsat ETM+ data
Potapov P.V., Turubanova S.A., Hansen M.C., Adusei B., Broich M., Altstatt A., Mane L., Justice C.O.
Reactions of Bili-Uele Chimpanzees to Humans in Relation to Their Distance From Roads and Villages
Hicks T.C., Roessingh P., Menken S.B.J.
Recovery potential of a western Lowland Gorilla population following a major Ebola outbreak: Results from a ten year study
Genton C., Cristescu R., Gatti S., Levréro F., Bigot E., Caillaud D., Pierre J.-S., Ménard N.
Reductions in Primate Abundance and Diversity in a Multiuse Protected Area: Synergistic Impacts of Hunting and Logging in a Congo Basin Forest
Remis M.J., Jost Robinson C.A.
Remote video-camera traps measure habitat use and competitive exclusion among sympatric chimpanzee, gorilla and elephant in Loango National Park, Gabon
Head J.S., Robbins M.M., Mundry R., Makaga L., Boesch C.

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