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Ecological correlates of space use patterns in wild western lowland gorillas
Seiler N., Robbins M.M.
Ecosystem services from mountain forests: Local communities’ views in Kibira National Park, Burundi
Ndayizeye G., Imani G., Nkengurutse J., Irampagarikiye R., Ndihokubwayo N., Niyongabo F., Cuni-Sanchez A.
Effects of integrated conservation-development projects on unauthorized resource use in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda: A mixed-methods spatio-temporal approach
Bernhard K.P., Smith T.E.L., Sabuhoro E., Nyandwi E., Munanura I.E.
Enteromius thespesios (Teleostei: Cyprinidae): a new minnow species with a remarkable sexual dimorphism from the south-eastern part of the Upper Congo River
Katemo Manda B., Snoeks J., Decru E., Bills R., Vreven E.
Environment and endogenous pillars of biodiversity valorization in the southern and central areas of Virunga National Park, DR Congo [Environnement et piliers endogènes de la valorisation de la biodiversité dans les secteurs sud et centre du parc national des Virunga, RD Congo]
Ethnobotanical study of the competition between humans and baboons (Papio kindae) for wild fruit trees in the fringe of the kundelungu national park, D.R. Congo
Kazaba P.K., Ngoie C.K., Mugaruka R.K., Jebiwott A., Tshikung D.K., Sowunmi A., Aweto A.
Ethnobotanical survey of wild edible plants used by Baka people in southeastern Cameroon
Billong Fils P.E., Afiong Nana N., Betti J.L., Farick Njimbam O., Tientcheu Womeni S., Ávila Martin E., Ros Brull G., Okale R., Fa J.E., Funk S.M.
Ethnozoological uses and local people's perceptions of a competitor primate in the fringe of the Kundelungu National Park, D.R. Congo
Kazaba P.K., Mandamombe G.T., Tshikung D.K., Sowunmi A.A., Aweto A.O.
Evolution of planning and management of protected areas policies of Rwanda (1925 - 2019) [Evolution des politiques d'aménagement et de gestion des aires protégées du Rwanda (1925 - 2019)]
Exploring Gender Dynamics, Economics and Perceptions of the Vulnerability of the Bush Mango Value Chain in Three Provinces of Gabon
Yobo C.M., Iponga D.M., Tieguhong J.C., Bengone N.N., Ngoye A.
Feeding competition inferred from patch depletion in a supergroup of Rwenzori black-and-white colobus monkeys (Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii) in Rwanda
Miller A., Judge D.S., Uwingeneye G., Ndayishimiye D., Kaplin B.A., Grueter C.C.
First record of a breeding forest elephant herd in the Lomako Yokokala Faunal Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo
Maputla N., Lushimba A., Kasa P., Facheux C., Muruthi P.
First records of rugege forest squeaker arthroleptis adolfifriederici (Amphibian: Anura: Arthroleptidae) from volcanoes national park, Rwanda, since 1941
Twahirwa J.C., Faida E., Tuyisingize D., van der Hoek Y.
Floristic diversity and carbon stocks in the periphery of Deng–Deng National Park, Eastern Cameroon
Kabelong Banoho L.P.R., Zapfack L., Weladji R.B., Chimi Djomo C., Nyako M.C., Bocko Y.E., Essono D.M., Nasang J.M., Madountsap Tagnang N., Memvi Abessolo C.I., Mvondo Sakouma K.R., Mamadou Souahibou F., Palla F.J.S., Peguy T.K., Jiagho R., Kenmou T.L., Choumele Kana Jumo U.A., Anyam Yi Andjik B.A., Tabue Mbobda R.B.
Geotourism, Iconic Landforms and Island-Style Speciation Patterns in National Parks of East Africa
Scoon R.N.
Heterogeneity and Collective Action: Community Integration Appraisal for REDD+ Forest Management Implementation
Flanery A., Mbatu R., Johns R., Stewart D.
Hidden species diversity in Marcusenius moorii (Teleostei: Mormyridae) from the Congo Basin
Mambo Baba T., Kisekelwa T., Danadu Mizani C., Decru E., Vreven E.
Influence of the invasive liana Sericostachys scandens Gilg & Lopr. (Amaranthaceae) on the floristic diversity of the woody community in the Kibira National Park in Burundi [Influence de la liane envahissante Sericostachys scandens Gilg & Lopr. (Amaranthaceae) sur la diversité des espèces végétales ligneuses du Parc National de la Kibira au Burundi]
Habonayo R., Azihou A.F., Dassou G.H., Havyarimana F., Adomou A.C., Habonimana B.
Intragroup Behavioral Changes Following Intergroup Conflict in Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei)
Mirville M.O., Ridley A.R., Samedi J.P.M., Vecellio V., Ndagijimana F., Stoinski T.S., Grueter C.C.
Land use and access in protected areas: A hunter's view of flexibility
Nebasifu A.A., Atong N.M.

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