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Satellite-based primary forest degradation assessment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2000-2010
Zhuravleva I., Turubanova S., Potapov P., Hansen M., Tyukavina A., Minnemeyer S., Laporte N., Goetz S., Verbelen F., Thies C.
Seed dispersal strategies and the threat of defaunation in a Congo forest
Beaune D., Bretagnolle F., Bollache L., Hohmann G., Surbeck M., Fruth B.
Small mammal community composition in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Tuyisingize D., Kerbis Peterhans J.C., Bronner G.N., Stoinski T.S.
Social grooming among wild bonobos (Pan paniscus) at Wamba in the Luo Scientific Reserve, DR Congo, with special reference to the formation of grooming gatherings
Sakamaki T.
Structural and floristic typology of the forests in the forest-savanna mosaic of the Lopé National Park, Gabon
Palla F., Picard N., Abernethy K.A., Ukizintambara T., White E.C., Riéra B., Rudant J.-P., White L.
The applicability of relative floristic resemblance to evaluate the conservation value of protected areas
Wieringa J.J., Sosef M.S.M.
The Bonobo-Dialium Positive Interactions: Seed Dispersal Mutualism
Beaune D., Bretagnolle F., Bollache L., Hohmann G., Surbeck M., Bourson C., Fruth B.
The Distribution, Status, and Conservation Outlook of the Drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus) in Cameroon
Morgan B.J., Abwe E.E., Dixson A.F., Astaras C.
The genera Lentinus and Panus in the Dja Biosphere Reserve and its periphery, Cameroon
Njouonkou A.-L., Mossebo D.C., Akoa A.
The governance of nature as development and the erasure of the Pygmies of Cameroon
Pemunta N.V.
The role of breeding range, diet, mobility and body size in associations of raptor communities and land-use in a West African savanna
Buij R., Croes B.M., Gort G., Komdeur J.
The role of multilateral environmental agreements in armed conflict: 'Green-keeping' in virunga park. Applying the UNESCO world heritage convention in the armed conflict of the democratic Republic of the Congo
Sjöstedt B.
The size of savannah Africa: A lion's (Panthera leo) view
Riggio J., Jacobson A., Dollar L., Bauer H., Becker M., Dickman A., Funston P., Groom R., Henschel P., de Iongh H., Lichtenfeld L., Pimm S.
Transient dominance in a central african rain forest
Newbery D.M., Van Der Burgt X.M., Worbes M., Chuyong G.B.
Vegetation groups from life-history traits for the management of a savannah-forest mosaic
Palla F., Gachet S., Picard N., Riera B.
Vertical distribution of Stomoxys spp. (Diptera: Muscidae) in a rainforest area of Gabon
Mavoungou J.F., Kohagne T.L., Acapovi-Yao G.L., Gilles J., Ketoh K.G., Duvallet G.
Wood - An asset to promote expansion of gum acacia plantations in northern Cameroon [Le bois, un atout pour la diffusion des plantations d'acacias gommiers au nord du Cameroun]
D'Andous Kissi O., Guibert H., Palou Madi O., Ntoupka M., Deleporte P., Smektala G., Peltier R.
A colonial guidebook. Travel guide to Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi [Un guide colonial. Le Guide du Voyageur au Congo belge et au Ruanda- Urundi]
Nicolaï H.
A new small Phrynobatrachus (Amphibia: Anura: Phrynobatrachidae) from southern Cameroon
Rödel M.-O., Doherty-Bone T., Kouete M.T., Janzen P., Garrett K., Browne R., Gonwouo N.L., Barej M.F., Sandberger L.
Abundance and species diversity of tabanids (DIPTERA) in the biosphere reserve Ipassa-Makokou (GABON) during the rainy season [Chorologie des Tabanidae (DIPTERA) dans la réserve de biosphère Ipassa-Makokou (GABON) en saison des pluies]
Mavoungou J.F., Makanga B.K., Acapovi-Yao G., Desquesnes M., M'Batchi B.

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