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List of 779 scientific articles availableYear
UAS imagery reveals new survey opportunities for counting hippos
Linchant J., Lhoest S., Quevauvillers S., Lejeune P., Vermeulen C., Ngabinzeke J.S., Belanganayi B.L., Delvingt W., Bouché P.
Understanding the Relationship between Livelihood Constraints of Poor Forest-adjacent Residents, and Illegal Forest Use, at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Munanura I., Backman K., Hallo J., Powell R., Sabuhoro E.
Unexpected discovery of six new species of Aphyosemion (Cyprinodontiformes, aplocheilidae) in the Wonga-Wongué presidential reserve in Gabon
Agnèse J.-F., Chirio L., Legros O., Oslisly R., Bhé H.M.
Unexpected terrestrial hand posture diversity in wild mountain gorillas
Thompson N.E., Ostrofsky K.R., McFarlin S.C., Robbins M.M., Stoinski T.S., Almécija S.
Uses and importance of wild fungi: Traditional knowledge from the Tshopo province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Milenge Kamalebo H., Nshimba Seya Wa Malale H., Masumbuko Ndabaga C., Degreef J., De Kesel A.
Using camera trap data to characterise terrestrial larger-bodied mammal communities in different management sectors of the Dja Faunal Reserve, Cameroon
Bruce T., Amin R., Wacher T., Fankem O., Ndjassi C., Ngo Bata M., Fowler A., Ndinga H., Olson D.
Vepris bali (Rutaceae), a new critically endangered (possibly extinct) cloud forest tree species from Bali Ngemba, Cameroon
Cheek M., Gosline G., Onana J.-M.
What is left of rattan in Burundi?
Habonimana B., Weiner G., Nzigidahera B., Hein S., Megerle H., Kabural J.P., Gisamba A.
Wildlife and warfare: A case study of pachyderms in Garamba national park, DRC
Smith K.H.
"green Gabon", pillar of emergence ? a case study of lopé national park: Resources, conflicts and arrangements [Le «Gabon vert», pilier de l'émergence ? Exemple du pare national de la Lopé : ressources, conflits et arrangements]
Moumaneix C., Nkombe R.
3D forest structure parameter retrieval: Polarimetric SAR interferometry and waveform lidar airborne data
Lee S.-K., Fatoyinbo T., Osmanoglu B., Lagomasino D., Feliciano E.
A Contribution to the Taxonomy of Rhizochaete (Polyporales, Basidiomycota)
Nakasone K.K., Draeger K.R., Ortiz-Santana B.
A response to Gatali and Wallin (2015) Bird diversity in the savanna habitats of Akagera National Park, Rwanda, in the post-war recovery period [Une réponse à Gatali et Wallin (2015) Diversité des oiseaux dans les habitats de savane du parc national de l’Akagera, au Rwanda, durant la réhabilitation de l’après-guerre]
Hogg J.W.T., Vande weghe G.R.
A World Laboratory: Framing the Albert National Park
De Bont R.
Assessing the spatio-temporal variability of vegetation productivity in Africa: quantifying the relative roles of climate variability and human activities
Ugbaje S.U., Odeh I.O.A., Bishop T.F.A., Li J.
Associations of ant species to land cover types and human disturbance in south-west Gabon
Vanthomme H., Alonso A., Tobi E., Rolegha C.L., Hita Garcia F., Mikissa J.B., Alonso L.E.
Attitudes Towards Forest Elephant Conservation Around a Protected Area in Northern Congo
Nsonsi F., Heymans J.-C., Diamouangana J., Breuer T.
Automated detection of low-frequency rumbles of forest elephants: A critical tool for their conservation
Keen S.C., Shiu Y., Wrege P.H., Rowland E.D.
Beyond Contesting Limits: Land, Access, and Resistance at the Virunga National Park
Hochleithner S.
Biosocial Conservation: Integrating Biological and Ethnographic Methods to Study Human–Primate Interactions
Setchell J.M., Fairet E., Shutt K., Waters S., Bell S.

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