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Quantifying crown dimensions using high-resolution aerial imagery to estimate the diametric growth of trees in central African forests [Quantifier les dimensions des houppiers à l’aide d’images aériennes à haute résolution pour estimer l’accroissement diamétrique des arbres dans les forêts d’afrique centrale] [Cuantificación de las dimensiones de las copas utilizando imágenes aéreas de alta resolución para estimar el crecimiento diametral de los árboles en los bosques de África central]
Ndamiyehe Ncutirakiza J.-B., Lejeune P., Gourlet-Fleury S., Fayolle A., Mianda-Bungi L.N., Ligot G.
Quantifying the use of forest ecosystem services by local populations in southeastern Cameroon
Lhoest S., Vermeulen C., Fayolle A., Jamar P., Hette S., Nkodo A., Maréchal K., Dufrêne M., Meyfroidt P.
Rare ground data confirm significant warming and drying in western equatorial Africa
Bush E.R., Jeffery K., Bunnefeld N., Tutin C., Musgrave R., Moussavou G., Mihindou V., Malhi Y., Lehmann D., Ndong J.E., Makaga L., Abernethy K.
Recent survey of birds in Gishwati forest, Rwanda
Inman S., Ntoyinkama C.
Reef microhabitats mediate fish feeding intensity and agonistic interactions at Príncipe Island Biosphere Reserve, Tropical Eastern Atlantic
Canterle A.M., Nunes L.T., Fontoura L., Maia H.A., Floeter S.R.
Soil change in Arenosols under long term cultivation in the sudano-sahelian zone of Cameroon
Tsozué D., Nafissa B., Basga S.D., Balna J.
Spatial priorities for conserving the most intact biodiverse forests within Central Africa
Grantham H.S., Shapiro A., Bonfils D., Gond V., Goldman E., Maisels F., Plumptre A.J., Rayden T., Robinson J.G., Strindberg S., Stokes E., Tulloch A.I.T.T., Watson J.E.M., Williams L., Rickenbach O.
Status, diversity and trends of the bird communities in Volcanoes National Park and surrounds, Rwanda
Derhé M.A., Tuyisingize D., Eckardt W., Emmanuel F., Stoinski T.
Stimulating implementation of sustainable development goals and conservation action: Predicting future land use/cover change in Virunga national park, Congo
Christensen M., Arsanjani J.J.
Sympatric western lowland gorillas, central chimpanzees and humans are infected with different trichomonads
Petrželková K.J., Smejkalová P., Céza V., Paf?o B., Shutt-Phillips K.A., Todd A., Jirk?-Pomajbíková K., Benavides J., Modrý D., ?epi?ka I.
The Cyphomyrus Myers 1960 (Osteoglossiformes: Mormyridae) of the Lufira basin (Upper Lualaba: DR Congo): A generic reassignment and the description of a new species
Mukweze Mulelenu C., Katemo Manda B., Decru E., Chocha Manda A., Vreven E.
The fate of tropical forest fragments
Hansen M.C., Wang L., Song X.-P., Tyukavina A., Turubanova S., Potapov P.V., Stehman S.V.
The Potential of Tourism Benefits to Reduce Forest Dependence Behavior of Impoverished Residents Adjacent to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda
Munanura I.E., Backman K.F., Sabuhoro E., Bernhard K.P.
The Role of Forest Elephants in Shaping Tropical Forest–Savanna Coexistence
Cardoso A.W., Malhi Y., Oliveras I., Lehmann D., Ndong J.E., Dimoto E., Bush E., Jeffery K., Labriere N., Lewis S.L., White L.T.J., Bond W., Abernethy K.
The spatial distribution of illegal hunting of terrestrial mammals in Sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic map
Duporge I., Hodgetts T., Wang T., Macdonald D.W.
The status and population dynamic of Buffon’s kob (Kobus kob kob, ERXLEBEN 1777) in the Faro National Park, Northern Cameroon
Kondasso Taïga L., Kamgang S.A., Bakwo Fils E.M., Samuel T.C., Rduch V.
The status of the forest elephant in the world heritage dja faunal reserve, Cameroon
Amin R., Fankem O., Gilbert O.N., Bruce T., Ndjassi C., Olson D., Fowler A.
Towards improving the assessment of rainforest carbon: Complementary evidence from repeated diameter measurements and dated wood
Angoboy Ilondea B., De Mil T., Hubau W., Van Acker J., Van den Bulcke J., Fayolle A., Bourland N., Kapalay O., Chantrain A., Ewango C., Beeckman H.
Transparency in benefit sharing and the influence of community expectations on participation in REDD+ Projects: an example from Mount Cameroon National Park
Awung N.S., Marchant R.
Tree diversity patterns, above-ground biomass and carbon assessment along elevational gradient in a tropical forest of the cameroon volcanic line
Sainge M.N., Nchu F., Peterson A.T.

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