Sans titreThe unit of Functional and Evolutionary Entomology is working for over twenty years on pollinators and honeybees. It has developed a real scientific expertise and is dedicating a group of researchers on this topic.

Since the late 90 ‘, pollinators and honeybees are at the forefront: loss of biodiversity, kills, Colony Collapse Disorder.

A multitude of suspects have been singled out … but what is or what are the real culprits? Varroa destructor, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, nutritional deficiencies?

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The problem is multifactorial. Each of these factors is studied in our laboratories and to conduct our research projects, many concepts and techniques are used: morphometry, genetics, epidemiology, microbiology, molecular biology and analytical chemistry.


Emphasis is also placed on the quality of by-products that bees generate and the study of their quality.

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