Insects represent more than 2/3 of living organisms on earth. More than 1.3 million species have been described, but it could be as many as 10 million to discover. Within the class of insects, four orders dominate in terms of number of species described: Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera and Hymenoptera. With more than 500,000 described species, Coleoptera are, to date, the most diverse. Many species remain to be discovered, as the insect fauna of tropical and equatorial forests remain under-explored.

AurelieEmilie-300x150Entomological biodiversity is threatened by changes in species habitats (destruction, fragmentation, deforestation, planting, etc.), overexploitation, pollution, introduction of invasive alien species and climate changes.

Evaluating entomological biodiversity is a priority of Functional and Evolutionary Entomology Unit. Pollinators, pests of temperate and tropical crops are receiving a particular attention.