The collaboration between a dynamic scientific team and a group of independent experts i the key of success.  Our laboratory is open to any scientific collaborations. Entomologists who are willing to join us and benefit from documentation, equipment and facilities are kindly invited to contact the secretary by email.


Barbier Yvan, Sphecidae specialist (
Braet Yves, Braconidae specialist (
De Clercq Patrick, Full professor at Gent University, biological control specialist (
Delbol Marc, Curculionidae specialist ( ; 071/31.54.30)
Dethier Michel, Heteroptans specialist ( ; 04/365.47.95)
Detrain Claire, Formicidae specialist (
Kreuwels Annette and Elens Guillaume, Rhopalocere specialist (
Fagot Jean, Chrysomelidae specialist ( ; 087/23.00.15)
Félix Monique, Curculionidae specialist
Gaspar Charles (Prof), Formicidae specialist (
Joly Claude, tropical Lepidoptans specialist (
Kekenbosch Robert, Araneofauna specialist (
Leclercq Jean, Sphecidae specialist ( ; 04/362.74.67)
Libert Pierre-Nicolas, Ichneumonidae specialist (
Lock Koen, Minor groups specialist (
Magis Noël, Tenthredinidae specialist ( ; 04/388.22.63)
Meeus Peter, Pest biological control specialist (
Miessen Geoffrey, Scarabaeoidea specialist ( ; 04/223.06.00)
Mignon Jacques, Chrysopidae specialist (
Nguyen Bach Kim, Apidae specialist (
Pauly Alain, Halictidae specialist ( ; 0475/89.60.65)
Remacle Annie, Orthopterans specialist (
Renneson Jean-Luc, Palearctic Lepidopterans, Vespidae specialist (
Tomasovic Guy, Asilidae specialist (
Vago Jean-Luc, Chalcididae specialist ( ; 0033.327.78.14.72)
Wahis Raymond, Pompilidae specialist ( ; 04/368.81.44)
Zimmer Jean-Yves, Hexapoda Director, Culicoïdes spécialist (