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Consumer acceptance of insect-based alternative meat products in Western countries

Caparros Megido R., Gierts C., Blecker C., Brostaux Y., Haubruge E., Alabi T., Francis F.
Food Quality & Preference, 52, 237-243.

4 mai 2016|

Flow cytometry community fingerprinting and amplicon sequencing for the assessment of landfill leachate cellulolytic bioaugmentation

Kinet R., Dzaomuho P., Baert J., Taminiau B., Daube G., Nezer C., Brostaux Y., Nguyen F., Dumont G., Thonart P., Delvigne F.
Bioresource Technology, 214, 450-459.

20 avril 2016|

Daily intake and bacteriological quality of meat consumed in the households of Kigali, Rwanda

Niyonzima E., Ongol M. P., Brostaux Y., Korsak Koulagenko N., Daube G., Kimonyo A., Sindic M.
Food Control, 69, 108-114.

15 avril 2016|
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