Vauhkonen J., Berger A., Gschwantner T., Schadauer K., Lejeune P., Perin J., Pitchugin M., Adolt R., Zeman M., Kvist Johannsen V., Kepfer-Rojas S., Sims A., Bastick C., Morneau F., Colin A., Bender S., Kovácsevics P., Solti G., Kolozs L., Nagy D., Nagy K., Twomey M., Redmond J., Gasparini P., Notarangelo M., Rizzo M., Makovskis K., Lazdins A., Lupikis A., Kulbokas G., Antón-Fernández C., Castro Rego F., Nunes L., Marin G., Calota C., Pantić D., Borota D., Roessiger J., Bosela M., Šebeň V., Skudnik M., Adame P., Alberdi I., Cañellas I., Lind T., Trubins R., Thürig E., Stadelmann G., Ditchburn B., Ross D., Gilbert J., Halsall L., Lier M., Packalen T.

[2019] Harmonised projections of future forest resources in Europe. Annals of Forest Science 76:79, 12p.

Key message A dataset of forest resource projections in 23 European countries to 2040 has been prepared for forestrelated policy analysis and decision-making. Due to applying harmonised definitions, while maintaining country-specific forestry practices, the projections should be usable from national to international levels. The dataset can be accessed at The associated metadata are available at

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