Pauwels O.S.G. et al._Miscellanea Herpetologica Gabonica XII_Bull Chic Herpetolog SocPauwels O.S.G., Gillet J.F., Y.G.Ongonwou Sonnet., Chirio L.

[2018] Miscellanea Herpetologica Gabonica XII. Bull. of the Chicago Herpeological Society 53(5), 105-110

We present new Gabonese locality records, ecological and morphological data or unpublished material for Pelusios gabonensis (Pelomedusidae), Kinixys erosa (Testudinidae), Cycloderma aubryi (Trionychidae), Osteolaemus tetraspis (Crocodylidae), Hemidactylus richardsonii (Gekkonidae), Trachylepis affinis and T. maculilabris (Scincidae), Varanus ornatus (Varanidae), Dasypeltis confusa, Grayia ornata (Colubridae), Naja annulata annulata and N. melanoleuca (Elapidae), Boaedon virgatus, Gonionotophis guirali, Psammophis cf. phillipsii (Lamprophiidae), Python sebae (Pythonidae), Afrotyphlops congestus (Typhlopidae) and Atheris squamigera (Viperidae). Three reptile species are newly recorded from each of Estuaire and Nyanga provinces. Two species are added to the list for Pongara National Park. We document a case of predation by Psammophis cf. phillipsii on Trachylepis affinis.

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