Blanc-Jolivet et al._Development of nuclear SNP markers_Conservation Genet Resour_PR2017

Blanc‑Jolivet C., Kersten B., Daïnou K., Hardy O., Guichoux E., Delcamp A., Degen B.

[2017] Development of nuclear SNP markers for genetic tracking of Iroko, Milicia excelsa and Milicia regia. Conservation Genet Resour, Technical note, DOI 10.1007/s12686-017-0716-2

Restriction associated DNA sequencing was conducted on two genetically independent individuals of Iroko, Milicia excelsa, for the discovery of nuclear SNPs.
Ninety-four samples, well-distributed over the natural range and including timber DNA, were screened at 138 loci on a MassARRAY iPLEX system. Amplification success was high and 77 loci were selected to design a set of markers for genetic timber tracking purposes.

Iroko, Milicia excelsa, is an economically important tropical hardwood species widely distributed in tropical Africa, from Ivory Coast in Western Africa to Tanzania in Eastern Africa. The species occurs at low densities in contrasting habitats such as rainforest and woodlands. Former studies using chloroplast and nuclear sequences, as well as nSSRs, revealed a strong differentiation within the species among West and Central African populations and the presence of three genetic groups in Central Africa (Daïnou et al. 2010, 2014). The genus Milicia also includes another species, M. regia, co-occuring with M. excelsa in West Africa.

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