michez_et_al._Characterization of Forests with LiDAR Technology

Michez A., Bauwens S., Bonnet S., Lejeune P.

[2016] In: Baghdadi N., Zribi M. (ed.) Land Surface Remote Sensing in Agriculture and Forest, ISTE Press Ltd and Elsevier Ltd, Amsterdam, 496p., Characterization of Forests with LiDAR Technology, 331-362


The environmental and economic importance of monitoring forests and agricultural resources has allowed remote sensing to be increasingly in the development of products and services responding to user needs.
This volume presents the main applications in remote sensing for agriculture and forestry, including the primary soil properties, the estimation of the vegetation’s biophysical variables, methods for mapping land cover, the contribution of remote sensing for crop and water monitoring, and the estimation of the forest cover properties (cover dynamic, height, biomass).
This book, part of a set of six volumes, has been produced by scientists who are internationally renowned in their fields. It is addressed to students (engineers, Masters, PhD), engineers and scientists, specialists in remote sensing applied to agriculture and forestry.
Through this pedagogical work, the authors contribute to breaking down the barriers that hinder the use of radar imaging techniques.

Land Surface Remote Sensing in Agriculture and Forest

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