Gillet JF. et al._ A commented checklist_PR2012

Gillet JF et Doucet JL. 2012. A commented checklist of woody plants in the Northern Republic of Congo. Plant Ecology and Evolution, 145(2) : 258-271.

Aim – This paper aims to provide the first exhaustive list of woody species present in the northern part of the Republic of Congo, describing the vegetation types, characterizing the ligneous forest stands and explaining the distribution range of characteristic species.

Location – The 1.23 million ha of the logging concession of Congolaise Industrielle des Bois’, situated in the North of the Republic of Congo (1.41°N 16.32°E), were prospected during six years. The study area is bordered by the Sangha River to the west and by the Likwala-aux-Herbes swamps to the east.

Methods – The checklist, given as an electronic appendix, documents 702 woody species. Each species is annotated with the following headings when the information is known: scientific, pilot and local names, life-form, preferential habitat, distribution, seed dispersal type, human use, abundance and foliage phenology. Field observations have been augmented with existing bibliography.

Results – A total of 392 genera and 79 families are presented. Ficus is the largest genus with seventeen species. 73% of taxa are endemic to the Guineo-Congolian Region centre.
The sarcochorous functional diaspore type represents 71%. Eleven percent of the species are anemochorous and are mostly emergent trees. Forty-four species newly recorded for the Republic of Congo are especially commented.

Main conclusions – Terra firma forests are characterized by deciduous, light-demanding and wind-dispersed emergent tree species. Evergreen stands are mainly found at the confluence of the Sangha River and Likwala-aux-Herbes swamps. This forest could be regarded as equivalent to the other interfluvial forest blocks of the Major Fluvial Refuge in the Congo basin.

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