Temmerman M. et al. Von Rittinger theory_BiomassandBioenergy_PR2013

Temmerman M., Daugbjerg Jensen P., Hébert J.

[2013] Von Rittinger theory adapted to wood chip and pellet milling, in a laboratory scale hammermill. Biomass & Bioenergy 56, 70-80

The study draws upon the milling theories developed for the ore processing industry (Von Rittinger, Kick and Bond theories) in order to define a method for characterising wood chip and pellet energy consumption during milling.
Energy consumption during wood milling depends on three main factors: the material moisture content, the particle size difference between the feed and the milled product, and the material itself. The latter may be characterised by a single parameter based on an
adaptation of Von Rittinger’s constant.
A relation characterising wood pellet energy consumption as a function of the particle size distribution of the pellet ingredients and the milled pellets is proposed. This is characteristic of each type of pellet for each moisture content value considered.

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