Job application – Phd position “MonoGutHealth”

We are looking for a motivated full time PhD student in the field of animal and nutritional sciences to strengthen our research team. Applying can before the 3rd of January 2021.

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PhD thesis defense Song Jiao:

“Working mechanisms of inulin concerning intestinal mucosal immunity and microbiota in chickens infected with Salmonella Enteritidis”

8 September 2020, 13h at

Promotor: Nadia Everaert

PhD thesis defense Hajer Amamou:

“Effects of climate change ondairy farming systems: evaluation and impacts of heat stress on dairy cows in Tunisia”

25 August 2020, 9h at

Promotor: Yves Beckers

PhD thesis defense Julie Uerlings:

“Agro-industrial feed ingredients, a novel approach to enhance intestinal health in weaned piglets: from in vitro to in vivo perspectives”

14 July 2020, 9h at

Promotor: Nadia Everaert

PhD thesis defense Wei Fang:

“Effects of dietary fiber and heat stress on cholesterol and bile acids metabolism in pigs”

8 November 2019, 14h in auditorium ZL

Promotor: Nadia Everaert

PhD thesis defense Marie-Laure Vanrobays:

Large-scale predictions of methane emission and body weight as tools contributing potentially to the genetic improvement of environmental sustainability of milk production

21 October 2019, 13h in auditorium G

Promotor: Nicolas Gengler