Monticelli D., Valkenburg T., Kerestúr D., Leitão A., Legrand V., Alfrey P., Lloyd-Evans T. [2022] Ringing American passerines in the Azores: preliminary results with special mention of the first record of Connecticut Warbler for the Western Palearctic. British Birds 115(2), 72-87

Abstract :

As of January 2022, the list of American landbirds recorded on Corvo and Flores, Azores, Portugal, stands at 72 species (60 passerines and 12 non-passerines). The most westerly terra firma in the Western Palearctic has, since 2005, hosted ten American passerine species new to the region, including a Connecticut Warbler Oporornis agilis caught and ringed on Flores in October 2019. In addition, six of the most frequently encountered New World vagrant passerine species (seven individuals) on the two islands were mist-netted during 2018–20. Individuals were aged, sexed, and measured. A comparison of their body condition (fat and weight) was made with birds at a coastal site in eastern North America. These data suggest that five out of the eight captured individuals were in fairly good body condition, while the remainder – a Scarlet Tanager Piranga olivacea and two Indigo Buntings Passerina cyanea – had completely exhausted their fat reserves and were below the weight ranges given for birds in North America.

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