Haurez_PR 2014_ Western lowland gorillasHaurez B., Petre C.A., Vermeulen C., Tagg N., Doucet J.L.

[2014] Western lowland gorilla density and nesting behavior in a Gabonese forest logged for 25 years: Implications for gorilla conservation. Biodiversity and Conservation. DOI 10.1007/s10531-014-0743-1

The tropical forests of the Congo Basin constitute biodiversity refuges that still hold large numbers of species, including endemic and endangered vertebrates. Along with several key species, the critically endangered western lowland gorilla (WLG) potentially contributes to forest dynamics through seed dispersal. Considering the extensive influence of timber harvesting on tropical forest ecosystems, the survival of gorilla populations in logged forests might prove critical for forest ecosystem conservation. We estimated WLG density, through a nest count survey, in a forest in southeast Gabon that has been logged for 25 years. Nesting behavior and habitat use were described and we applied generalized

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