lassois_crown rot disease of bananas_postharvest_decay_2014_chap3_103-130

Lassois L., de Lapeyre de Bellaire L.

[2014] crown rot disease of bananas. In: Bautista-Banos S. (Ed.) Postharvest Decay, control strategies. Elsevier (2014), 103-130

Written by a diverse group of research professionals, Postharvest Decay: Control Strategies is aimed at a wide audience, including researchers involved in the study of postharvest handling of agricultural commodities, and undergraduate and graduate students researching postharvest topics. Growers, managers, and operators working at packinghouses and storage, retail, and wholesale facilities can also benefit from this book. The information in this book covers a wide range of topics related to selected fungi, such as taxonomy, infection processes, economic importance, causes of infection, the influence of pre-harvest agronomic practices and the environment, the effect of handling operations, and the strategic controls for each host-pathogen, including traditional and non-traditional alternatives

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