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My genealogy includes many naturalists. From the age of 13, I started breeding insects, a breeding of stick insects that has never been stopped since. So naturally I do bioengineering studies at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech. I do a PhD thesis in entomology under the supervision of Professor Eric Haubruge. I go successively to Sweden (University of Lund) then to the United States (University of Pennsylvania) to acquire the mastery of modern techniques of chemical ecology. I was successively appointed Lecturer (2009), Senior Lecturer (2013), and then Associate Professor (2017) in the Functional and Evolutionary Entomology Laboratory.

Today I am part of the Scientific Committee of the Federal Agency for Safety of the Food Chain and the Committee of Experts specialized in plant health at ANSES (FRANCE), where I share my expertise in the field of risks associated with phytophagous insects.

Research activities

My discipline, chemical ecology, is at the interface of ecology, chemistry and biology. I am mainly interested in semiochemicals (pheromones and allelochemicals) that are involved in the modification of animal behaviour, and insects in particular.

The focus is on insects of agricultural interest, including crop pests and their natural enemies. I am also very much interested in invasive alien species. Developing new biological control methods is an objective of my research.

I am also interested in thanatochemistry, the volatile organic compounds released from a decaying corpse, and interactions with necrophagous insects.

Finally, I actively participate in several North-South cooperation projects organized in Burkina Faso, Madagascar or Niger, aiming at improving crop production techniques.

wireworm2 Harmonia-axyridis-spectabilis-succinea-copula Rhagoletis-completa-1 IMG_5739b

My main research projects

– Climate change and multitrophic interactions (See the research projects of Antoine Boullis and Solène Blanchard)

– Development of new biological control methods against fruit flies (See the research project of Landry Sarles)

– Development of new biological control methods against wireworms, using semiochemicals and entomophatogenic nematodes (See the research project of Diana La Forgia)

– The odour released by a dead human body (See the research project of Clément Martin)

– The role of Silicon on plant-insect interactions (See the research project of Nicolas Leroy)

– Development of new biological control methods against Drosophila, using semiochemicals and entomophatogenic microorganisms (See the research project of Chloé Galland)

– Development of new biological control methods against Lepidopterans on Corn and Tomato in Burkina Faso (See the research project of Mathieu Sawadogo & Régis Besmer Ahissou)

Teaching activities

Bachelor degree

ZOOL2016-1: Zoologie : Concepts de base (BAC1) (Suppl. E. Haubruge)

ZOOL2017-1: Zoologie: Diversité des Métazoaires (BAC1)

ZOOL2018-1: Zoologie : Ethologie (BAC1)

ZOOL2020-1: Zoologie : Evolution (BAC2)  (Suppl. E. Haubruge)

Master degree

GBLX2146-1: Agriculture urbaine (partim stress et protection des végétaux en milieu urbain)

VEGE0034-1: Risques chimiques, biologiques et environnementaux liés aux productions végétales

VEGE0041-1: Fondements de biologie et d’écologie des bio agresseurs

VEGE0042-1: Stratégies appliquées de gestion intégrée des bio agresseurs et des adventices

VEGE0028-1: Méthodes de protection des végétaux

RCER0036-1: Respecter son environnement


Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society of London (since 2019)

Young researcher 2017 Awardee, category Science and Medecine, of the Agence Universitaire pour la Francophonie (voir

Fondation Désiré Jaumain Awardee (see

Best oral presentation Awardee, Symposium on Crop Protection, Gand, 2009

Best oral presentation Awardee, 15th conference of Zoology BeNeLux, Bruxelles, 2008

ATLANTIS fellowship awardee for a 6 month internship in the USA


Other activities

Member of the Editorial board of Physiological Entomology, Entomologia GeneralisPCI EntomologyB.A.S.E. et Faunistic Entomology

Expert “Entomologie et Santé des végétaux” à l’ANSES

Expert “Santé des végétaux” à l’AFSCA


Communications scientifiques