Improving the child institutions’ resilience to food shocks by upholding some local resources for the development of a sustainable innovative aquaculture in DPR of Korea


Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, South Pyongan province, Pukchang countyCorée-du-Nord

Total duration of the action:

40 months


  • Belgium: Economics and Rural Development Laboratory, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, University of Liege
  • Vietnam: Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA)
  • DPR of Korea: The Korean Fund for Developing Fish Culture (KFBFC), supported by the Bureau of Aquaculture (BoA) under the Ministry of Fisheries
  • France: Triangle Génération Humanitaire (TGH)

 Overall objective :

To contribute to the sustainable improvement of the food security and the nutritional status of children dependent on social institutions, who are the most vulnerable people.

Specific objective :

The specific objective of the action will be to durably improve the animal protein intake’s availability and the dietary quality for children cared in social institutions in South Pyongan province, through a comprehensive approach between:

  • An intensified fish farming system based on local feed. The increase of the fish production will be sought mainly through appropriate technologies, simple and adapted to local constraints, like the use of maggots or shrimps in the fish meals instead of cereals.
  • The enhancement of distribution and production channels.
  • The technical and institutional strengthening towards the Ministry of Fisheries and fish farms’ staff. The partners will intend to upgrade the technical and institutional capacities of the Bureau of Aquaculture (BoA), under the Ministry of Fisheries, based on previous lessons learnt for a more sustainable fish feeding system.
  • The strengthening of the network with abroad research actors.
  • The increase of the awareness of local population.

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