Research themes

hydrogeophysics (ERT, EMI, IP), soil plant interactions (water, solutes), soil physcis, model-experiment interactions, inter- and transdisciplinary research to better govern terrestrial systems, irrigation

Working in close collaboration with the team of Prof. F. Nguyen in applied geophysics, ULiège.

Ongoing projects

CHAR (ARC 2017)

IMG_1233Spatio-temporal patterns of soil hydraulic properties & root water uptake related to old charcoal enrichment – / (PhD candidate)




POTENTIAL (ERANET Cofund Waterworks 2015)

EMI Juelich
Variable rate irrigation and nitrogen fertilization in Potato; engage the spatial variation – G. Dumont (postdoc)

eRoot (FNRS-PDR)

Dispositif mesure resistivity racinesUnravel the electrical signature of roots – S. Ehosioke (PhD candidate)




Water distribtion and retention on green roofs and link to biodiversity

Collaboration dans le cadre de AgroEcoUrbs, TERRA
MSc thesis subjects 2017, 2018


Finished projects

  • La gestion de l’eau dans des système de plastic mulching – B. Chen (PhD)
  • Agroforestry systems in temperate climate: assessment of impact of shade dynamics – S. Artru (PhD) – AgricultureIsLife
  • Productivité de l’eau pour les cultures à échelles multiples et ses améliorations dans la plaine de Huang-Huai-Hai en Chine – L. Qin (PhD )
  • Agroforestry in temperate regions: where does the water go?  A case study with ERT in a corn field bordered by poplar trees – S. Maloteau

  • Quantification du lessivage de nitrate sous les plantation d’agrume dans la plaine de Triffa, Maroc – S. Nili (PhD) – PIC Maroc

  • Monitoring the impact of tillage practices on soil moisture dynamics with ERT – M. Chélin (PhD) – AgricultureIsLife
  • Assessment of differences in root water uptake of bell pepper under different irrigation frequencies using ERT – Dr. A. Furman

 International collaboration

  • Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, University of Bonn (Allemagne)
  • University of Basilicata (Italie)
  • INRA Avignon, INRA Montpellier (France)
  • Kasetsart University, Naresuan University (Thaïlande)
  • Chinese academy of Agricultural Sciences (Chine)
  • University of Kyoto (Japan)
  • Université Mohamed Premier à Oujda et Institut Hassan II à Rabat (Maroc)
  • University of Western Australia (Australie)
  • UCL, KULeuven, UGent, ULB (Belgique)
  • Chiba University (Japan)
  • University of British Columbia (Canada)