This Walloon project aims to develop a sustainable Faba bean sector in Wallonia. This sector will aim to increase the Walloon Region autonomy in terms of plan protein supply and so diminish importations, linked to a versatile price and negative environmental impacts where they are produced. Plant protein supply is also aimed by Wallonia to offer new protein-rich products to vegetarian/vegan consumers, as well as consumers wishing to only diminish their animal protein intake.

The sector is planned to take place entirely in Wallonia, to promote local collaborations and to promote Walloon raw materials use by Walloon companies.

All the chain of value is under study by the partners of the FEVERPRO project. From agronomical improvements to a better use of the seeds produced, the FEVERPRO project aims to have global view of the Faba bean sector to implement in Wallonia, and to promote Faba bean benefits compared to other protein crops. After agronomical improvements in terms of variety selection, yields improvements and farmer education, the FEVERPRO project aims to propose a new way to fight bruchids infestation in Faba seeds. Finally, seeds are harvested and are the subject of studies to improve proteins extraction and valorization of generated co-products.

New fractionation processes are developed to offer multiple products to the market, in terms of protein isolate, protein concentrate, starch and high-value molecules, destined to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

Plant proteins, destined to the food industry, will be studied to determine their physico-chemical properties. To improve consumers health, nutritional value, anti-nutritional value and toxicity of those fractions will also be determined.

The other fractions, i.e. starch and polyphenols, will be used to produce non-food products. From the materials sector to the cosmetics, many applications can be achieved using the fractions produced along the FEVERPRO project.

Total cost: 408.740 €, Financed by the Walloon Region/DG03 (project D31-1395)

Project duration: 01/10/2018-30/09/21

LBTV Researcher: Ir. Lionel Dumoulin (lionel.dumoulin@uliege.be)

FEVERPRO Partners:

Liège University – Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

  • Laboratory of Food Science and Formulation
  • Laboratory of Functional and Evolutionary Entomology
  • Laboratory of Biomass and Green technologies

APPO asbl (Association pour la Promotion des Protéagineux et des Oléagineux)