BioResidu is included in the frame of the project portfolio “Tropical Plant Factory” which is part of the Walloon pole of excellence VERDIR (Valorisation de l’Environnement par la Réhabilitation Durable et l’Innovation Responsable). The VERDIR program aims at reinvigorating the Liège industrial area through the development of economic activities on untapped industrial wasteland. Among the rehabilitation initiatives, the project portfolio “Tropical Plant Factory” aims to build a highly technologic “Plant Factory” that enables to produce and exploit very high value added plants. The installation of a 7000 m² warm greenhouse, powered by the energy production of the surrounding industries, will enable to grow tropical plants dedicated to the extraction of bioactive molecules.


The BioResidu project aims to valorize the residual biomass that remains at the end of this value chain. The Laboratory of Biomass and Green Technologies develop low environmental impact biorefining processes that allow extracting, isolating and modifying the primary metabolites of the biomass (lignin, cellulose, hemicelluloses, proteins, lipids). The extracted molecules are subsequently integrated in high performance and high durability bioproducts.

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Ir. Thomas Berchem

Ir. Quentin Schmetz

Ir. Thibaut Lepage

TPF team