Pilot or semi-pilot equipments: Parr Reactor; Steam Explosion 100 L (Armstrong); Double-walled reactor (Ferrari); 200 L reactor with mixer (Ferrari); Microwave reactor (Milestone); Preparative floor centrifuge (Beckman); Peristaltic pump with ultra-filtration; Microfluidizer.

Spectroscopic systems: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 600 MHz, Varian UnitY, 1H {13C-15N-31P } AutoX Indirect Detection PFG liquid probe, with autosampler; Fourier-Transform Infrared  spectroscopy.

Mass spectrometry: MALDI-TOF (Bruker); 2 GC-MS systems (HP Series) with automatic sampler; LC-MS system (Bruker-Agilent).

Chromatographic analytical systems: HPLC + Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering + RI detector (Agilent/Brookhaven); HPLC + RI detector + UV detector (Waters) + Viscosimeter (Viscotek); HPLC (Agilent) + ELSD detector (3300 All Tech); HPAEC-PAD (Dionex); Analytical Gas Chromatography (Hewlett Packard).

Preparative systems: Preparative HPAEC-PAD (Dionex); Preparative HPLC (Waters) + ELSD detector (2000 All Tech).

Calorimetry, surface properties determination:  VP-ITC Microcalorimeter (Microcal); Langmuir film balance; Mütek particule charge detector.

Analytical materials: Fibertec (Foss); Amino acids analyser (Pharmacia); Kjeltech nitrogen analyser (Foss).

Sample preparation: Microwave reactor – microwave extraction system 24*100 ml (Milestone); Kit protein hydrolysis (inert atmosphere); Soxlhet extraction apparatus; Laboratory muffle/ashing furnace (30-3000 °C); Laboratory incubator shaker; Manual diffusion cell system (Hanson); Speedvac (Christ); Benchtop centrifuge (Allegra X-15R Beckman); Preparative floor centrifuge (Beckman); Peristaltic pump with ultra-filtration; Freeze-drying system (BRS); Peptides synthesizer (Advanced Chemtech); Spectrophotometer; Ovens and incubators.