R & D


Our Unit is involved in projects under different framework programs, notably :

Excellence Research Project TECHNOSE

Plant biorefinery: chemistry and technology of osidic structures
Center of excellence of the Walloon Region to support the sector of the biorefinery in Wallonia

European projects

FEDER Convergence project “SINOPLISS” : Coherent and unifying projects in the field of green chemistry

Regional projects

PHOSBIOL2: Production of second generation bioethanol from renewable or recycled materials by an innovative technology

DEXPLIMAR: Exploitation of lignin as a renewable source of materials and aromatic compounds

INOVABIOM: Technological development and environmental analysis of innovative lignocellulose-to-energy processes in Wallonia

BARCELONE: Bran ARabinoxylan CEllulose and Lignin Optimized New Extraction process and valorization project

PEINBIO: formulation of new biobased paints

WAL-AID: Promoting competition and durability for the Walloon food industry by creating an interdisciplinary platform of different skills to encourage interaction

LIGNOFUEL: Development of an integrated path for the production of 2nd generation bio-fuels starting from lignocelluloses

Cross border projects

INTERREG IV POLYCHANVRE “cross-border development of polymer-hemp composite materials”

Academic projects

ARC Superzym – Application of enzymatic synthesis in supercritical carbon dioxide to plant biomass raw materials

Collaborative research projects with industrial partnerships

Biomass and Green Technologies
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