Analytical expertise

Capabilities of analysis method development


  • Fat determination according to Folch method
  • Fatty acids (methylic esters of fatty acids) determination by GC, triglycerids…

Amino acids, proteins, dry matter…

  • Nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl method
  • Dry matter determination
  • Determination of amino acids: global, free, sulfured or specific; Tryptophan; D & L amino acids in GC
  • Calcul of the chemical index
  • Electrophoresis of proteins by SDS-PAGE
  • Detection of molecular weight and structure of proteins
  • Peptides synthesis


  • Sugars determination (mono-, di-, oligo-, polysaccharides)
  • Study, characterisation and hydrolysis of cellulose
  • Isolation, study and characterisation of hemicelluloses
  • Determination of uronic acids (galacturonic, glucuronic, maluronic…)
  • Ferulic acid determination
  • Methanol and acetic acid determination
  • Extraction and characterisation of pectins: methylation degree, molecular weight…
  • Determination of molecular weight of polymers using HPSEC-Triple detection (Viscotek) or MALLS-SEC


  • Isolation of lignin fractions from biomass
  • Study and characterisation of lignin fractions (NMR, FTIR, calorimetry, molecular weight by MALLS-SEC)


  • Determination and characterisation of lipopeptides
  • Study of foaming and emulsifiing properties (collaboration with TIAA unit)
  • Measurement of superficial and interfacial tensions, using several tools
  • Study of macromolecular films of surfactants
  • Study of membrane properties of surfactants (penetration studies in biological membrane models: liposomes, monolayers)
  • Films transfer on solid support following Langmuir method


  • Determination of cafein, taurin, theobromin, alcaloïds…
  • Determination of organic acids
  • Determination of preservatives: sorbic acid/sorbate, benzoïc acid/benzoate
  • Determination of phospholipids (on request)
  • Determination of galactosides (on request)