My research focuses on the study of the interaction between proteins, peptides or bio-molecules with membranes using molecular modeling techniques, notably molecular dynamics with atomistic and coarse grained representations, in order to explain their structure/activity relationships.
As membranes constitute the interface between living cells, organites and their environment, membrane interactions are of paramount importance in many biological processes as well as for biotechnological applications. Molecular dynamics gives the atomistic details of these processes and is very useful to study the evolution of bio-molecule and membrane structures following their interactions.
Depending on the molecule or peptide types/sequences (antimicrobial, cell-penetrating, cyclic, fusion or transmembrane peptides) and on the membrane composition and organization, the interaction will induce time-course specific physico-chemical effects related to their biological activity that can be analyzed by molecular dynamics.
With a biophysical background and working in a biophysical unit, my work is put in a broader perspective through the use of complementary biophysical tools and has been used in successful national and international collaborations.